Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Star Wars: Episode VII Starts Production

I would first like to state that because of the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Episode VII, IIX, and IX will most likely be the focus of my next blog posts (excluding anything regarding remnants of Season 6 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars). 

As you may know, Lucasfilm/Disney has been hosting open casting auditions for Episode VII, which, in my opinion, would have served them a much better purpose as an American Idol-type TV show. As for official casting, there isn't much to say. Apparently Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) have been in talks for (hopefully minor) roles in the movie, and Harrison Ford (Han Solo) has been more seriously rumored. According to Samuel L. Jackson, neither he, Mark Hamill, or Ewan McGregor (prequel trilogy Obi-Wan) were contacted by J.J Abrams about the movie, but I honestly just don't have the energy to cross-reference all of the different rumors I've been getting from my Star Wars: Episode VII Google Alert. Just to make this easier, I'm going to make a list of What We Know So Far:

1. Star Wars: Episode VII will, as the numerical order would suggest, chronologically take place after Star Wars Episode VI.
2. R2-D2 will be in the movie! This was just announced very recently, and I think that we can assume that if R2-D2's going to be there, then so is C-3PO, but I don't know if Anthony Daniels will be physically playing the character or be voicing a CGI animation or puppet.
3. J.J Abrams is directing and writing the screenplay for it! He has written and directed a lot of other Sci-Fi movies/TV series (including the Star Trek reboots) and done a very good job with them, so we can assume that the next trilogy won't be as (arguably) disappointing to fans as the prequel trilogy.
4. George Lucas will probably be involved in the movie somehow. He has roles in all of the Star Wars movies, and just because he gave Lucasfilm to Disney doesn't mean that he said "Sure, go make a few more Star Wars movies or whatever, mail me the royalties, I'll be in Hawaii if you need me." 
5. Um....that's pretty much it. 

I will continue to report about Star Wars: Episode VII in the future. Thank you for reading, and may the force be with you all!

P.S. Remember to vote on the Favorite Character poll at the very bottom of the page, and comment for any future poll suggestions! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Blog Additions!

I have been doing many additions and tweaking to my blog recently, so I would just like to announce the highlights of my work. 

You may notice that there is now a bar at the top which has a link to both the "Home" page, and the recent added "More" page. The "More" page has suggestions for other Star Wars websites, updated news about blog additions (from now on all additions will be announced there) and a link to my email if you would like to contact me. 

At the top of each page, there is also a "Translate" option, if you would like to view the blog in a different language. At the very bottom of each page, there is are 3 recently added gadgets: "Popular Posts", which shows you the most viewed posts, "Search This Blog", which allows you to search for various keywords in posts, and a poll titled "What's your favorite Star Wars character?". This poll is just for fun, and depending on how many people vote, it will expire at noon on November 1st (if very few people vote I will extend the deadline). Feel free to comment/email me about suggestions for more polls. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 is now on DVD!

If you want to relive the final and, arguably, best season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, then buy it in DVD or Blu-Ray now! If you don't have any of the other TV Seasons on DVD, then you can buy the entire series in a single DVD set (not including Season 6, which we might still see). 

Speaking of Season 6, it's been announced that whatever amount of it that's already been made will be shown in early 2014. So now we have something to look forward, and, of course, confirmation that Season 6 episodes will even be released. But, it's unclear how they'll be released. 

Showing the episodes online for free would be nice, but I have a feeling that they're going to try to make as much money out of it as possible. A DVD of the Season 6 episodes is probable, but is there going to be anything else besides a DVD?

Cartoon Network probably wasn't too happy to hear that The Clone Wars was being canceled (they weren't the ones who made the decision, after all), and they probably were even less happy to hear that the replacement, Star Wars Rebels, was going to be shown on CN's rival, Disney XD. 

CN might be interested in showing the Season 6 episodes themselves, not only out of sympathy and kindness, but also because the last few episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars would most likely attract a lot of viewers. We didn't know that the Season 5 finale was going to be the series finale until after it was aired, so TCW never really got their big going-away party. Especially after all of these months of distress over the series cancellation, I wouldn't be surprised if the Season 6 episodes were the most viewed/purchased episodes in the entire series history.

By the way, I would like to announce that I plan on activating Google AdSense on this blog sometime soon. Don't worry, there's not going to be any pop-up video ads that are impossible to close. AdSense doesn't place random ads, it uses uses some kind of program to read the words on my blog and give related ads. I can also choose where on the screen the ads are, and if you don't like it then feel free to comment. May the force be with you all. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Star Wars Rebels: The Replacement for The Clone Wars?

As many of you may know, Star Wars: Rebels is a new, animated Star Wars TV show that is due out in Fall 2014. It takes place between episodes 3 and 4, and will most likely provide some insight into the background of the Rebel Alliance. Of course, the origin of the Rebel Alliance was more or less explained in the Force Unleashed video games, but it is doubtable whether or not that story was canon or not (canon: pertaining to the overall Star Wars timeline). 

Although it's not coming out for a year, we already know that the show will feature an all-new villain, the Inquisitor, who (according to Dave Filoni) is "tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi knights". I did some research, and apparently the Imperial Inquisitors were force-sensitive agents, which would explain the Darth Maul-style double red lightsaber. The newly-released picture of him is below.

Many of the creators, producers, and animators of this show appear to have worked on The Clone Wars also, so I hope that we can expect something along the same animation and plot quality. Besides the fact that no show will ever be able to replace The Clone Wars' place in my heart, I only have one problem with it: the show is on Disney XD. 

Now, I can imagine that in the cartoon-watching world, Cartoon Network is more respected than Disney XD. And I'm not just talking about overall network quality. Cartoon Network and Disney XD both have their share of horribly idiotic shows. The main reason why Cartoon Network is more respected is probably just because the word Disney is generally associated with kid-friendly fairy stuff. But, let me point out, we all thought that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be all kid-friendly and stupid too, and we were (eventually) all proved wrong.

The only thing I can say for sure is that nobody should be wondering why The Clone Wars was on CN but Rebels is on DXD (an abbreviation that I spontaneously made up). Star Wars: The Clone Wars, undeniably, shut down because of Disney. Dave Filoni might say that he was planning for the show to end anyway, but he was probably midway through the creation of Season 6 when he got a call from a Disney executive telling him that his show was getting canceled. So, when they started a new show, they wanted it to be on their own channel. 

By the way, this is kind of unrelated, but in the past I've gotten some unfavorable messages in my comments. If you try to get a rise out of me or annoy me or something, you might not be glad that you did. I tend to get kind of harsh when it comes to things like this, and I get super defensive and hyped-up and furiously energetic. 

But if you have any constructive or complimenting comments, feel free to post them. May the force be with you all. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

More Episode VII Rumors....sigh...

Rumors have been circling non-stop since the first announcement of Episode VII, so if I posted every single one of them I would have to be typing 24/7. But, I just thought I'd to a quick overview.

Apparently the original cast (of the prequel trilogy) will be in the movie, but I would much rather have them be supporting characters than be the main action heroes. If I wanted to see old people go on adventures, I would just watch Up again. 

If the trilogy is going to be about Luke/Mara's and Leia/Han's children, then I just hope that it takes place when the kids are at least in their teens, because I don't want to see little kids. It'll be just like in Jurassic Park when the little kids just scream and hide the whole time, which would be fine except they didn't get killed in the end. 

Rumors have been circling about when the next trilogy will be taking place. Some people are saying it should be in the Old Republic, but I don't think they'll do that. Besides, they already have probably about one-movie worth of animated clips for all of the previews for the Old Republic game. Those were really awesome, but I think we'd all like something new.

Some other people are saying it should take place between episodes III and IV. That is...a terrible idea. First of all, there isn't a ton that goes on during that time, and the few interesting things that do happen were already created in comic books or video games or something (I'm referring to the Force Unleashed video games by the way). 

Second of all, (this reason works against the Old Republic too), it's already confusing enough between the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy, because people who are listing the movies in order say that A Phantom Menace is Episode 1, but people who want to stay true to the original order in which they were made (mostly old people) would call A New Hope Episode 1. So, if the next trilogy took place in-between episode III and IV, we would have the Prequels, Original Trilogy, and Post-Prequels-but-Pre-Originals Trilogy. That's really confusing.

Various topics for the next trilogy could include:

1. Destroying the remnants of the Empire. There are many different Expanded Universe books that they could take ideas from, but I think that they want to have an original story.
2. The Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Again, this idea is from books or comic books, so they may not want to use it. 
3. An entirely new idea that we probably couldn't comprehend.

Thinking of a substantial idea that could make three new movies will be hard. You might say, "Well, they've done it twice before," but they've actually only done it once. After Episode VI, they had a whole bucketful of ideas and themes that they could make more movies about, including:
1. The destruction of the Jedi.
2. How Anakin Skywalker became evil.
3. How Luke and Leia's parents met/fell in love.
4. Obi-Wan's relationship with Anakin.
5. The creation of the Empire!

So in reality, they only made completely original ideas for a trilogy once, and that was 40 years ago when writers and directors DIDN'T completely steal, rip-off, and recycle other ideas. 

Only time will tell when the real details of the new trilogy will emerge...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plo Koon's Discovery: Another preview of "what's to come" in TCW

After the initial Clone Wars cancellation announcement and the preview of the "bonus content" that we supposedly will be getting, fans were at first crestfallen, and then slightly hopeful, even excited. Since then, there have been rumors on whether or not we will get the "bonus content", and if so, how much.

A month or two later, a second preview of the "bonus content" is released, signaling that Lucasfilm is still very much planning to release some episodes that were planned for Season 6. 

The preview is titled "Plo Koon's Discovery". It takes place in a very snowy and barren landscape. 

It begins with the howling of wind, and then several lights being shown through, along with clone troopers communicating with their superiors and stating that they must be far off from their target. Their commander replies "Negative. It is here. The data specifically states. It has got to be." 

The clones finally approach, along with several AT-TE walkers. The clones are wearing VERY cool armor. Inside the main walker is the commander and Plo Koon, who is wearing some sort of modified breathing mask. 

Finally they find the "it" that they are searching for. As Plo Koon and several clone troopers approach it, Darth Sidious's mysterious song is played (I can't really explain it, you just have to watch the video and then say "Ohhhhhh"). It's now clear that they are exploring a crashed T-6 Shuttle. I looked it up, and the T-6 Shuttle (AKA the Jedi Ambassador Shuttle) is a circular ship with swiveling wings. They made a Lego set of it. 

Plo Koon finds a lightsaber on the ground, and then states that he wants "everything taken back to Coruscant". He turns on the lightsaber and it shows that the lightsaber is blue. Then the clip ends.

Now, I think that we're all thinking "That's it!" The first clip of the bonus content was very intriguing and interesting (for those of you who didn't see it, it showed a lightheaded clone trooper shooting a Jedi in battle). 

There aren't too many questions to be answered. Yes, there's of course the question of who was in the shuttle, or whose lightsaber was that, but there isn't anything particularly momentous. What would have made the clip much more interesting is if the lightsaber had been red, showing that there was a Sith inside the shuttle.

The good thing is that this clip didn't seem to be related to the previous clip, which means that we'll be getting at least 2 arcs. But of course, for all we know they could be. We didn't get enough information from either of the clips to know what the plot of the episode arc is. 

You can watch the clip on to see for yourself. The main thing that I would take out of this is that it's been a few months, and the bonus content is still very much being planned, which is good. I will report again with any major updates. May the force be with you all. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And the champion of the "This Is Madness" character tournament is...

...Yoda! That's right, everyone's favorite tiny, green, Jedi master (Yaddle also fits the description, but I doubt anyone likes her more) has one the tournament. He beat Darth Vader with 60% of the votes. 

I think one of the biggest surprises for me during this tournament was when Boba Fett beat Jango with 78% of the votes. I did predict that if it wasn't going to be a tie, then Boba would probably win, but I didn't expect that he would win by so much. 

If there's one thing this tournament has proven, it's that all in all, most Star Wars fans would choose the Original Trilogy instead of the New Trilogy in less than a second. And they would choose any movie character over a Clone Wars character in less than a millisecond. The only five exclusively Clone Wars characters in the tournament (Asajj Ventress, Cad Bane, Hondo Ohnaka, Ahsoka Tano, and Captain Rex) didn't get very far at all. 

There are three kinds of Star Wars fans: those that started with the Original Trilogy, those that started that with the New Trilogy, and those that started with the Clone Wars. Many of those who started with the Clone Wars or New Trilogy probably think that the Original Trilogy is, well, old and stupid. But they shouldn't, because the Original Trilogy is the roots of all Star Wars. And the fans of the Original Trilogy shouldn't disrespect the New Trilogy or Clone Wars, because truly liking something means accepting all aspects of it. It means both loving what something was, and what something is.

True Star Wars fans love all trilogies and aspects of Star Wars. That's why whenever I see someone dissing the Clone Wars on some online chat-room, I always slam them hard, because I'm just like, "If you're just here to complain about the Clone Wars, then you're not a true Star Wars fan, so what the heck are you doing here."

To answer your questions, yes, I did just turn the Star Wars Character Tournament into a discussion on the endless debate of the Star Wars trilogies. I guess I just had to rant about it. Sorry.

In Darth Vader's closing message, he did mention that we should vote for him again next year, suggesting that there will be another tournament. I don't know if this tournament will be exactly the same, or slightly different. I don't think it would be very exciting if it was exactly the same, because probably there wouldn't be much change.

Below is the final bracket of the tournament, containing the information of all the winners of all the match-ups. Leave any questions or comments in the comments section below, and may the force be with you all!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

"This Is Madness" Character Tournament: Fight of the Fetts!

Before I begin discussing the epic father versus son match-up today, I'll do a brief overview of the past week in the tournament. 

As I expected, Count Dooku beat Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine beat IG-88, and and Ahsoka beat Captain Rex. The Ahsoka versus Rex round was very close, but Ahsoka beat him. Another close match-up was Princess Leia versus Padme Amidala. Princess Leia won with 52% of the votes, which is the closest to a tie we've gotten so far.

This week the second of the 5 rounds of match-ups began. Obi-Wan beat Han Solo with 55% of the votes, Darth Vader beat Maul easily, Yoda beat Luke with almost exactly two thirds of the votes (Yoda got 67% and Luke got 33%) and Jabba the Hutt beat Cad Bane. 

Today's match-ups are Princess Leia versus R2-D2 and Boba Fett versus Jango Fett. I think that R2-D2 will probably beat Princess Leia, because over the entire Star Wars series and the Clone Wars TV show, we have all grown to love and adore R2. 

I will not be surprised at all if the Boba versus Jango match-up ends with an exact tie. But I do suppose that if one of them is going to beat the other, it'll probably be Boba Fett. Boba has simply had more screen time than Jango, both in the movies, and in the Clone Wars TV show. Anyway, I think it's safe to say that whoever beats the other will go far, maybe even to win the entire tournament. 

Next week's match-ups will be Chewbacca versus Ahsoka and Count Dooku versus Emperor Palpatine. The Chewbacca versus Ahsoka round might be very close. Many Star Wars fans are very fond of Chewie from the original series (and his minor appearance in Episode III), but the Clone Wars fans have all grown to love Ahsoka after the 5 seasons, so it's simply a question of what percentage of the voting fans are Clone Wars fans. 

As I said before, this entire tournament is just a way to give fans a thing to do for a few weeks, and though that does annoy me a little bit, I won't complain (too much) because it's given me something to do and blog about. 

Vote now on the Star Wars "This Is Madness" Character Tournament, and be sure to leave comments if you have any thoughts or opinions. May the force be with you all. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Star Wars This Is Madness Character Tournament!

Last week, the "This Is Madness" Character Tournament on started. Each day, there are two different match-ups. People vote for them online, and then the results are announced the next day. Once all of the paired match-ups are complete (which won't be until March 29th) the winners of those match-ups will match-up, and then the winners of those match-ups will match-up, and then the winner of THOSE match-ups match up, and so on until a winner is decided.

Some of the match-ups are clever and interesting, like Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Qui-Gon Jinn, or Princess Leia versus Padmé Amidala. But some are just kind of random, like Count Dooku versus Tarkin or Emperor Palpatine versus IG-88. 

For a few of them, I was and am able to predict a decisive winner. In Han Solo versus Lando Calrissian, I predicted that Han Solo would win, and he did. And of course, Darth Vader obviously beat General Grievous, and Darth Maul beat Asajj Ventress. So far, all of the winners have gotten over 70% of the votes (The closest was when Cad Bane beat Hondo Ohnaka with 72% of the votes). 

Today's match-ups were Princess Leia versus Padmé Amidala and Jango Fett versus Bossk. I predict that Jango will easily beat Bossk, because a similar match-up occured yesterday with Boba Fett versus Dengar, where Boba Fett won with 96% of the votes, which is the highest yet. I'm not sure who will win the Padmé versus Princess Leia match-up, because this basically splits the fans between the Original Trilogy and the, um, "New Trilogy", I guess. 

In the next few days, Chewbacca will probably beat Wicket, Count Dooku will probably beat Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine will certainly beat IG-88, and Ahsoka will probably beat Rex. It's true that there are a lot of Captain Rex fans, but it was very clear to me, especially during the last episode arc of Season 5, that Ahsoka has just as many, if not more fans. 

The final winner will be decided on April 9th. I think it will be one of the Fetts. Actually, Jango and Boba, father and son, will be paired up against each other on the 2nd, which may very well be the most hard-to-predict match-up yet. I hope that the people at have a plan of what will happen if there's a tie, because that may very well occur.

Some people may wonder why is doing something like this, but I think it's pretty obvious. Once the Clone Wars goes on hiatus (which is permanent in this case), is usually pretty quiet. They just thought up some fun activity that will keep fans busy for a few weeks. 

If you want to participate, or just look at the This Is Madness character tournament, then go here. I will post again sometime after the winner is announced. If you have an opinion about the tournament, respond in the comments! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Episode Thoughts

Since Season 6 isn't happening, I thought that I would talk about what we might see as of bonus content. I'm not sure how many new episodes they will release, but I know that we all want more of Maul and Ahsoka. The Clovis arc was the only arc we knew of for sure in Season 6, but now that we know that our new episodes are limited, I think that anyone would gladly swap out the Clovis arc for a different, more exciting arc.

Below the Lucasfilm announcement there is a short message by Dave Filoni and then a clip of an episode next season. In the clip, Anakin and two other Jedi females are fighting in a battlefield somewhere indoors. The clones are all looking very Episode III-y now. Anyway, one of the clones is feeling a little lightheaded, and then he says something like "A soldier must follow orders," and marches towards a Jedi. He points his gun at her, and fires. 

This isn't the first time we've seen clones killing Jedi, but this wasn't Order 66. Right after the clone killed the Jedi, the commander ran over and tackled him down. Anakin said that he "wanted answers" to why the clone killed the Jedi. Another notable item was that several droidekas/destroyer droids appeared along with several red Super Battle Droids who are sporting jetpacks. 

At the end of the clip, it turns out the whole battle is being surveyed by... Admiral Trench. No, you did not hear wrong, it is the same spider-like Admiral Trench that was killed in "Cat and Mouse", and another time before that, according to Admiral Yularen. However, this time it does look like he hasn't escaped the torpedo that destroyed his ship without a few scratches. One of his eyes is robotic. He strokes his chin and replays a hologram clip of the clone killing the Jedi. Then he tells his tactical droid something like "Call Count Dooku, I found something interesting." 

There are several possibilities for this clip. It may have been some Separatist plot that Trench didn't know about, it might have been the Nightsisters (not very likely) or, an interesting theory that I came up with: the clone was feeling ill, and he somehow thought that Order 66 was happening. Then the clones would be nervous because they wouldn't want to reveal that Order 66 even existed. 

The End of an Era

As many of you might have heard, there was a very special announcement yesterday by Lucasfilm. If you want to officially see it, then go here to see it. But I can sum it up for you.

They are apparently "winding down" on the Clone Wars, so basically it's being canceled. But, they will be releasing bonus episodes from what was going to be Season 6. You won't be able to watch TCW on TV anymore, but hopefully at some point they'll release a DVD with some bonus episodes. The good thing is that since it's not on TV anymore, and they've probably already finished the episodes, there isn't anything stopping us from getting a ton of new episodes on DVD within a month. That probably won't happen, but it's still something to think about. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Okay no one has commented on my QMYT #1 so either it's because they just haven't read it yet, nobody's looking at my blog since yesterday, or they don't watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In case it's the last one, I thought I would post a second QMYT. After all, it's called A Good Star Wars Blog, not A Good Clone Wars blog. 

What is your opinion about Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher joining the cast of Star Wars VII? 

Just a reminder: companies don't make more products if no one is buying them, and I'm the same. I won't be posting a ton of QMYT's if no one is commenting on them. It doesn't really make sense why I'm saying this, because if you're not commenting than you probably don't actually want me to make more QMYT's, but I'm still saying it anyway. This rule doesn't apply to regular posts (though the number of views may positively effect the number of posts I make, they will not negatively effect it). May the force be with you all. 

Friday, March 8, 2013


You probably saw the title, and were like "Whaa?" and immediately started to read this post to find out what QMYT. It stands for "Question that Makes You Think". I will post these maybe every day, or every few days, or maybe once a week, or whenever I get a chance.

Today's QMYT is: 

What do you think Ahsoka's future is going to be? She left the Temple with no possessions except for her clothes (she lost both her lightsabers in previous episodes). She doesn't even have any money- being a Jedi isn't a paying job. So what do you think is going to happen to her now that she's left the Jedi Order? 

An Announcement

Thank you to all the people who have viewed and are viewing this blog, most of which are probably from I would greatly appreciate it if you told other Star Wars fans that you know about this blog.

The Clone Wars will be over for the next 6 months, and I would post a lot about Episode VII, but with all the various rumors circling around I thought it would just be a waste if I reposted every time I heard something new. So I have decided I will begin to post questions about Star Wars, both the Clone Wars, the new upcoming trilogy, and all of Star Wars as a whole. I encourage people to comment on these questions in the comments section. To make it clear, these questions won't be trivia questions, they will be personal opinion questions, like "What do you think about ______?" or something like that. These questions will just be posted to make people think about various Star Wars topics and maybe engage in CALM arguments. 

Note: even if you have a Google account, you may not want to show your personal details, but never fear, Blogger has a variety of options that you can use. There is an "Anonymous" option, where your name will come up as, you guessed it, anonymous. But, if a lot of people are going to be replying to my questions, that will obviously get confusing if a lot of people are named "Anonymous". So, there is also an option to enter a name of your choice. After you enter a post under that name, that same name will appear under the options for what name your next comment will be viewed under, but it won't stay there for long. If you try to type in the name, however, it will probably give you an option of what you wrote before. So if you forget the name, you can try that, or you can just look at the comment that you made before under that name, or you can just write down the name somewhere, or you can just try to remember it.

I will be loosely moderating the comments (if there are any, that is). Of course, if I see any mean stuff, I will probably delete it. My comments will always be under "The dude who makes the blog". That's how you'll know that it's me. If I see anyone else who is trying to use that same name to pretend to be me, I will delete that comment. 

I know that there are many other places that are Star Wars forums and have probably a much better user interface, but I thought I would just make something small and relatively simple. May the force be with you! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Star Wars Episode VII Rumors

Episode VII rumors are constantly spewing out, so I would like to discuss a few of them. First of all, I'd just like to say thank you to all the people who saw my advertisement on and had the courtesy to follow it. For the past few weeks I've gotten about 1 view a day, and today I got 41, so I'm very thankful. 

There have been rumors that Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher would be returning for Episode VII. That surprises me because I'm pretty sure that Carrie Fisher didn't have a good experience with the original trilogy, and I've heard rumors that the other rumors about her aren't true. I at least hope that if Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford return, that they won't try to be in any action scenes, because this is almost 40 years since the first Star Wars movies and if they were maybe in their 20s or 30s then, then, well, you can do the math. I think we would all appreciate them appearing just as the parents of their children and not the leads in the film.

Here's a tip: don't search YouTube for any Star Wars VII trailers. They just selected the director a few months ago, and they haven't even selected the cast yet, much less started production. All the trailers will all just be either parodies, or just stitched-together scenes from other Star Wars films. Once they do release the trailer, I will post a link to it (if this blog is even still around then, because it'll be in like 3 years) but you probably won't have trouble finding it because a new Star Wars movie trailer will probably be all over YouTube very fast. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Message to All Viewers

I recently started advertising this blog on so I don't know how many people are going to actually come and look at it (I know that if someone else advertised their blog I would just be annoyed) but in case more people do, then I thought I should just put out the following message:

If you want to leave comments, then please do... IF they are either compliments or constructive criticism. But if you're just going to say mean or annoying things, then either keep quiet or go away. If I do see a comment that is mean or annoying or something, I will probably delete it, because I have the power as the almighty Blogmaster. 

Also, Blogger by Google is a great, free, blogging thing, so if you want to start a blog than I recommend it. The one thing that you might have to deal with is some privacy things because you have to either make a Google account or sign in with it to use Blogger so it will show your name and/or Google+ profile if you don't uncheck some boxes in the settings. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Season 6 Rumors?

Season 5 has come and gone, so now it's time to talk about Season 6. The only thing confirmed is the Clovis arc, which was originally scheduled for Season 5 but for some reason didn't make the cut. Anyway, the other arcs that have been rumored are Cad Bane and Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and hopefully Mother Talzin. I'm pretty sure that Darth Maul will come back, since Sidious did have "other uses" for him. Cad Bane and Boba Fett will be fun, maybe with Aurra Sing and Bossk? And Mother Talzin would be good, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. She was the only Nightsister to survive the attack in "Massacre" (besides Asajj Ventress) and she said that they would somehow survive, though I'm not sure quite how. I heard that there were supposed to be other clans of Nightsisters on Dathomir, so maybe she'll get help from them.

I've also heard a very interesting rumor. Someone on claimed that TCW would be resuming in July, and of course, I was immediately critical, but another post contained an image to the contrary. The image shows various information, including the Episodes I and II 3D re-releases, but at the bottom it shows "Star Wars, Clone Wars, 22 New Episodes July-Dec'13. But don't get all excited, I still don't fully believe it. First of all, I'm pretty sure that the 3D re-releases were all cancelled a month ago. Also, if this was professional information, then it would probably say "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" instead of "Star Wars, Clone Wars". In fact, if not for the year, I might wonder if it was from the Clone Wars cartoon, titled Star Wars: Clone Wars about a decade ago. 

Anyway, Season 6 in July would be amazing, and I of course hope that the rumor is true, but I'm not going to get my hopes up until I find a reliable confirmation. I will keep posting about Clone Wars Updates and all other Star Wars news! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Coming up next week.."

I really should have renamed this post, because there isn't anything coming up next week. Or the week after that, or after that. There isn't anything coming up until September, probably. So this blog will probably be pretty quiet until then. 

There isn't anything confirmed for next season, except for the Clovis arc that got cut out of Season 5. But I'm not exactly sure if that's still happening, because one scene of the arc was Anakin and Ahsoka and Padme sledding down a hill with Embo right behind them and shooting at them. Someone pointed out that Ahsoka is no longer part of the Jedi Order, so either that arc won't be in there or it'll just be confusing. 

Ahsoka's future is uncertain. I don't think she has any money. I mean, it's not like she gets paid for being a Jedi. The only items she has are her clothes (her lightsabers were both lost in the previous episodes). Maybe she won't return to the Clone Wars for a while. Or ever. 

I suspect that the Season 6 premiere will be something exciting, because they'll want to have tons of exciting trailer for it. But I do think it'll just seem wrong to have a huge meaningless battle episode after the tearful Season 5 finale. 

The only rumors I've heard about Season 6 are the Clovis arc, a team up with Cad Bane and Boba Fett, and hopefully Darth Maul. 

Anyway, I will post again when the Season 6 trailer is released. It bugs me that they don't show the trailer for the next season at the end of the finale anymore, but I think after this finale it was better to give people some time to think about what had just happened, instead of about the next season. 

"Who saw the last episode?"

The last episode was titled "The Wrong Jedi". Ahsoka had been arrested at the end of the last episode, and this episode was mostly her trial. First she had her trial in front of the Jedi Council, in which they expelled her from the order. Anakin was furious, and he went off searching for the truth. He found Ventress, and I was a little afraid he might kill her, but she told him everything she knew... including that someone named Barriss had been in contact with Ahsoka. Padme served in Ahsoka's defense, but Tarkin was on the other side, and he was brutal and wanted a death sentence for Ahsoka. 

Anakin went to the Jedi Temple and found Barriss in her room. He questioned her a bit, in which she awkwardly replied, saying "If it wasn't Asajj Ventress, who could it have been?" Then, out of nowhere, a battle scene erupted between them. She fought Anakin with Ventress's lightsabers, and the duel lasted for a few minutes, but Anakin eventually overpowered her with the help of the mysterious Temple Guards. I was surprised at how powerful Barriss was. She was still probably a padawan, not much stronger than Ahsoka. Yet she still held her own against Anakin.

Back at the trial, the jury had reached their verdict, and I'm pretty sure that it was going to be against Ahsoka, but Anakin burst in at the last moment along with Temple Guards and Barriss. Barriss confessed to everything, saying that the Jedi were the ones who started the war and stuff like that. She was taken away, and presumably given the death sentence that Ahsoka was originally going to get.

Now these last few minutes were definitely the saddest. Ahsoka and Anakin had a meeting with the council, and they apologized and welcomed her back to the Jedi Order, but she refused them and walked away (literally). Anakin chased after her and after tearful words, she walked away from the Temple, and her old life completely. 

The finale was great because it was so sad at the end. You know it's good television when it really makes you feel something. The last scene is still playing through my head, of Ahsoka walking down the Temple steps, leaving her old life behind. I don't think that any episode will ever be as good as this one. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Coming up next week..."

The next episode is the Clone Wars Season 5 finale. It does seem like the season has gone by very fast, which might be because this season is only 20 episodes instead of 22. At the end of "To Catch a Jedi", there was a preview of the next episode. In case you haven't noticed, in the earlier seasons there was a preview of the next episode at the end of almost every episode, but now "To Catch a Jedi" is the only episode in the season to feature one. In the next episode titled "The Wrong Jedi" Ahsoka is captured and has a trial to determine whether she is guilty or not. Meanwhile, Anakin searches for the culprit behind the real attack, and attacks Asajj Ventress who he believes plays a role in all of this (which she does, but not in a bad way). 

If you looked at the mysterious assailant in the last episode, it's pretty clear that she's a woman. That of course cancels out Sora Bulq (many people were guessing him for some reason, which I guess isn't entirely absurd because he was a dark Jedi in the Clone Wars comics). If you want my opinion, I suspect it might be... Barriss Offee. I know what you're thinking, how could it be Barriss Offee when she's always such a good little padawan (if she still even is a padawan, it's unclear) and she was helping Ahsoka? Well, if you think about it, Barriss, Ahsoka, and Ventress were probably the only ones who knew that Ahsoka was going to the warehouse, and it certainly wasn't Ventress. There has never before been a sign in all of Star Wars history that Barriss Offee was anything but a good Jedi Knight/padawan, but that's my only guess so far. 

I'm still not sure how Barriss could have easily beaten Ahsoka in battle when her skills are probably not that much greater than Ahsoka and Ahsoka did battle her and defeat her before in "Brain Invaders" when Barriss had been under mind control by a brain worm. There aren't any other Jedi who I could think of who could have been the mysterious assailant behind the entire plot. I mean, they're not going to have the culprit be some random Jedi, they want us to gasp and go "WHAAA?" when the true culprit is revealed. Which I'm sure all of us will. 

"Who saw the last episode"

The most recent episode of the Clone Wars (which ended about 5 minutes before I started writing this) was titled "To Catch a Jedi". The episode began with a Jedi Council meeting where Anakin and Plo Koon were sent off with clones to search for Ahsoka. Ahsoka was meanwhile having several brief run-ins with the law when she was met by Asajj Ventress. Ventress is still a bounty hunter, and though at first she was just planning to turn Ahsoka in to those who attacked the Temple, Ahsoka convinced her to help her. After a brief run-in with some clones, Ventress lead her to a warehouse where Bariss Offee had claimed there was some clue. After Ventress left, however, she was knocked out by a mysterious assailant who stole her mask. 

This assailant then attacked Ahsoka (who thought that it was Ventress) and in the end, perfectly framed her by putting her in a room with explosive nanodroids just as the clones arrived. Ahsoka was captured and arrested. Anakin must be feeling pretty frustrated because he was hoping to capture Ahsoka and then prove her innocence, but now even though he's sure that she was framed, the proof against her is too much. 

The various previews for this episode were kind of confusing because there were two clips of Ventress attacking Ahsoka, one with a cloak on, and one without. But actually the "Ventress" with a cloak on turned out to actually be some mysterious Jedi instead. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Coming up next week..."

The next episode is titled "To Catch A Jedi". Ahsoka is still on the run when she makes a deal with Asajj Ventress to help her. Most of the scenes showed Asajj attacking Ahsoka, not helping her, so I'm not sure what the deal will be. This basically cancels out Asajj as the person who was ultimately responsible for the Temple bombing. Perhaps the reason she was attacking Ahsoka was because Ventress is still a bounty hunter and Ahsoka probably has a bounty because she escaped from prison. It'll be interesting because it's been a long time since they last dueled and both of them have grown a lot. Ventress is a good and interesting character because she doesn't really have an allegiance anymore so she could potentially be good though I doubt that the Republic could immediately forgive her for all of her various previous crimes against the Republic. In the comic books, after being betrayed by Dooku and supposedly killed, her last dying breath seems to confirm that Obi-Wan was right about her being good on the inside. Though she seemed dead and was going to be brought back to Coruscant for a proper funeral, she awoke in the bacta tank ship and told the pilots to "fly as far away as they could". That resolution probably won't happen though because in the comic book that happened seconds after she was betrayed by Dooku, and this is several years/months after.

"Who saw the last episode?"

The most recent episode was titled "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much". The episode begins with Ahsoka and Anakin at a funeral for the victims of the bombing along with many other recognizable Jedi. As they leave the funeral, Tarkin informs them that Letta Turmond, who was responsible for the bombing, was taken to a military base instead of in the Temple. Ahsoka is mad and knows that Letta must be punished. Later, during a military conference in the Temple, Tarkin calls and says that Letta wants to see Ahsoka. Ahsoka goes to the base and talks to Letta. She reveals that a Jedi showed her how to put the nanobots in her husband that would cause him to explode. Unfortunately, just as Ahsoka finally starts to convince her, Letta is mysteriously force-choked to death (she actually stared to say "It was-" and then she started choking). Unfortunately, to the security cameras, it looks like Ahsoka is killing her, because Ahsoka is waving her arms around (in panic) and Letta is being choked. Commander Fox comes in with a squadron, and though he "can't say he blames her" for supposedly killing Letta he arrests her all the same. Anakin later comes to see her, but he isn't allowed, and though it seems like he might force his way in, he doesn't. Later Ahsoka is lying in her cell when the door opens and in the hallway are several dead guards and her lightsabers. Ahsoka then begins to run through the building and escape the guards. There are several long chase scenes as Ahsoka tries to get away. Unfortunately, I didn't get to view the full episode, so I'm not sure exactly how it ended, but I will try to find out.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Coming up next week..."

The next episode is titled "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much". In the episode, Letta Turmond is killed right after Ahsoka meets with her, and Ahsoka is blamed. She has no choice but to go on the run from the police to search for her innocence. 

"Who saw the last episode?"

The episode today was titled "Sabotage". It begins with Ahsoka and Anakin fighting on Cato Neimodia, but after about five minutes they are called in to return to the Temple to investigate a bombing of a hangar. Soon they find a lead to who might have bombed the Temple, and after some research, they confirm that Jakar Bomani, a worker at the temple, had something to do with it. After much investigation, they find that his wife, Letta Turmond, was behind the explosion. She attempts to escape, but they arrest her and take her back to the temple. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Season Five Finale Speculation

The new trailer for the finale was posted sometime today. Those who haven't seen it yet can go to to find it. Anyway, they briefly discussed it in the Google+ Hangout on Saturday (which can be found on YouTube) but they definitely showed in the trailer that the finale will be a big changing point for Ahsoka From the very beginning that is very clear; the trailer opens with the first scenes of Ahsoka from the Clone Wars movie. For those of you who don't know (SPOILER ALERT) the main plot of the next five episodes is that Ahsoka is framed for a murder and goes on the run to prove her innocence. Anakin is meanwhile also searching for the truth. 

There is also a lot more going on in the trailer that shows that there's something much bigger going on than just Ahsoka being framed. There are various sound clips about Anakin having to let go of her and "do what needs to be done". But don't worry, from the Google+ Hangout it didn't sound like Ahsoka was in danger of being killed off (the actress who voice-acts her said that the ending was "so much cooler" than what any fans had speculated). I heard something about Ahsoka becoming Asajj Ventress's apprentice or something like that. That idea isn't completely absurd, because Asajj Ventress does play a role in the arc, but I doubt that it will actually happen. But I think it is safe to assume that next season will definitely not be the same for Ahsoka, whether or not she's still going to be fighting for the Republic.  

New Season Five trailer!

I checked up on and found that a new Season Five Four-Part finale trailer has been posted. I can't find a specific link to the video but go to to watch it. It is fantastic. Season Five may have only 20 episodes, but this trailer proves that it'll end with a bang. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Coming up next week..."

The next episode is titled "Sabotage". In the episode, there is an explosion at the Jedi Temple, and Anakin and Ashoka go searching for a "Jedi turned dark" who they think might be responsible. They might mean Asajj Ventress, because there have been scenes of her and Ashoka dueling somewhere in the Underworld. Now I won't spoil any more episodes, but on Wookieepedia it shows only 20 episodes and I've heard a rumor that there's only 20 but I've read the episode spoilers and there are several scenes shown in previews that don't fit into any of the episodes. If it turns out that we don't see some episodes originally planned to be shown this season, I am going to blame the Younglings arc because honestly I think anyone would choose some action-packed episode over those episodes about Youngling brats. 

"Who saw the last episode?"

The last episode of the Clone Wars was titled "The Lawless". In the episode, Satine was rescued from her cell by the Death Watch rebels and her nephew Korkie but she only managed to get a brief distress call to the Jedi Temple before she was recaptured. Then Obi-Wan came, nearly rescued her, but then they both got captured again. Darth Maul brought Obi-Wan back to his palace just so that Obi-Wan could watch as Maul killed Satine. As Obi-Wan was taken back to his cell, Bo-Katan and the Night Owls came and rescued them. They were chased throughout the city until they came out to the docks to find a huge battle going on.

Meanwhile, Darth Sidious landed on Mandalore, and after killing several guards, arrived at the palace. Darth Maul attempted to gain favor with him again, stating that all that he had done was so that he could be at his master's side again, but Sidious rejected him and there was an epic duel between Maul and Savage and Darth Sidious.

Obi-Wan and Bo-Katan were still fighting at the docks. Now, I don't know if anyone noticed this, but all of the Death Watch warriors under Maul's command now had red armor. At first I thought it was just because red was kind of Maul's color, but in the fight scene at the docks it kind of became clear that  it was to distinguish Maul's warriors from the rebels. I don't know how, but there was still a whole ship full of Death Watch warriors who weren't aligned with Maul. Bo-Katan told Obi-Wan that he should go and tell the Republic what happened. When Obi-Wan asked her if she was Satine's sister (when Bo-Katan rescued Satine it became clear that they did have some past relationship) Bo-Katan only looked away, pretty much confirming that she was. I found it interesting that Satine was such a hard-core pacifist while Bo-Katan was pretty much the opposite.

Darth Sidious' duel with Maul and Savage had moved across the palace. Sidious pushed Maul away, and while Maul was recovering he killed Savage. As Savage died, the Nightsister magic that was placed on him that made him so big and powerful faded, and he said to Maul that he was not worthy of being his apprentice and that he was never like Maul. I guess that while the magic was fading he kind of remembered that he had never wanted to be a powerful warrior like himself in the first place.

Maul was now enraged, and, wielding both his lightsaber and Darksaber (which he had taken from Pre Vizla and killed Satine with) he battled Sidious. Darth Sidious easily defeated him, and Maul begged for mercy but Sidious continued to smash him everywhere with the force and electrocute him with Force Lightning. If you read my earlier post "Coming up next week" about this episode then you would have read that Maul died. The reason I said that is because it was unclear on Wookieepedia whether or not he was killed (that's a reason why you should read both the preview and summary of the episode). Sidious says something like "Don't worry, I won't kill you. I have other uses for you." I don't know what that means. I hope that we'll be seeing Maul again. Maybe the creators of Star Wars just regretted killing Maul in Episode I and want to have him back as much as possible.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Coming up next week..."

The next episode of the Clone Wars continues the various issues on Mandalore. For example, Darth Maul is now ruler of Mandalore, and all of the peace that had been kept for decades has now been ruined in what seems like less than a day. Before I continue, I should just say SPOILER ALERT! so that no one complains that I spoiled the episode for them.

Anyone who read Darth Maul: Shadow Conspiracy (or just read the entire plot of the book on Wookieepedia like I did) will know what happens in the next episode titled "The Lawless". At the beginning of the episode, Satine is rescued from her prison by her nephew Korkie (seen in the Season 3 episode "The Academy"). They escape with the help of Bo-Katan and the Night Owls (the Night Owls are basically the Death Watch ladies who all wear distinctive armor similar to Bo-Katan). Before they are recaptured Satine manages to send a distress signal to the Jedi Council to send help. Darth Maul then reveals that he is glad that Satine contacted the Jedi because he wants Obi-Wan to come. 

Obi-Wan goes to Mandalore in the Twilight and though he manages to rescue Satine from prison and gets her onto the Twilight, the ship is hit with a rocket and crashes into the docks. When Obi-Wan wakes up he finds that he has been taken prisoner inside the royal palace just so that Darth Maul can kill Satine in front of him. Obi-Wan is very sad and he's taken back to his cell. The Night Owls save him, though, and they are chased across the city until they find an even bigger battle happening in the docks. I don't know exactly who the battle is between. Possibly the Black Sun and Pykes are fighting the Death Watch, or maybe Death Watch is just having some kind of civil war because Pre Vizla was killed and Maul took his place.

Meanwhile, Darth Sidious arrives on Mandalore and heads to the palace. Darth Maul rushes to him and bows, but Sidious instead attacks them with dual lightsabers. He kills both Maul and Savage.

Bo-Katan finds a ship for Obi-Wan and tells him to go to Coruscant and tell everyone what has happened. I'm not sure what the eventual outcome will be, but it is certain that Mandalore will never be the same again. 

"Who saw the last episode?"

The most recent episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was titled “Shades of Reason”. Darth Maul and Pre Vizla finally made their move against Mandalore. FIrst Darth Maul’s crime lords attacked the city, and then when Death Watch arrested them, they seemed like heroes and saviors to the people of Mandalore. But now that Vizla had Mandalore, he didn’t really need Maul or Savage anymore, so he had them arrested and put them in a cell. Now I don’t know how he thought he was going to hold those two, because they escaped quite easily and killed the guards. Maul enlisted former Prime Minister Almec as the new Prime Minister of Mandalore (since he basically needed someone to pretend to have the power). Then they went to the main palace, and Maul challenged Vizla to a duel (Mandalorian tradition states that whoever can defeat the ruler of Mandalore in a duel is the new ruler). This was one of the best duels of the show (except maybe until next week). Maul ended up winning and killed Vizla with his own darksaber. Most of the Death Watch troops pledge loyalty to Maul, but Bo-Katan and some of the other soldiers refuse and escape. So basically, at the end of the episode. Maul is sitting in his throne as the new ruler of Mandalore, Vizla is dead, and Satine is in prison.


This blog will be about Star Wars, including the Clone Wars TV show and the entire Star Wars universe. I will have a segment called "Who saw the last episode?" which will be a recap of the latest Clone Wars episode and also a segment following "Who saw the last episode?" called "Coming up next week..." which will be about next week's episode and also other episodes coming soon. Any other post will be under an individual and unique name.