Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Who saw the last episode?"

The most recent episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was titled “Shades of Reason”. Darth Maul and Pre Vizla finally made their move against Mandalore. FIrst Darth Maul’s crime lords attacked the city, and then when Death Watch arrested them, they seemed like heroes and saviors to the people of Mandalore. But now that Vizla had Mandalore, he didn’t really need Maul or Savage anymore, so he had them arrested and put them in a cell. Now I don’t know how he thought he was going to hold those two, because they escaped quite easily and killed the guards. Maul enlisted former Prime Minister Almec as the new Prime Minister of Mandalore (since he basically needed someone to pretend to have the power). Then they went to the main palace, and Maul challenged Vizla to a duel (Mandalorian tradition states that whoever can defeat the ruler of Mandalore in a duel is the new ruler). This was one of the best duels of the show (except maybe until next week). Maul ended up winning and killed Vizla with his own darksaber. Most of the Death Watch troops pledge loyalty to Maul, but Bo-Katan and some of the other soldiers refuse and escape. So basically, at the end of the episode. Maul is sitting in his throne as the new ruler of Mandalore, Vizla is dead, and Satine is in prison.

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