Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Coming up next week..."

The next episode is titled "Sabotage". In the episode, there is an explosion at the Jedi Temple, and Anakin and Ashoka go searching for a "Jedi turned dark" who they think might be responsible. They might mean Asajj Ventress, because there have been scenes of her and Ashoka dueling somewhere in the Underworld. Now I won't spoil any more episodes, but on Wookieepedia it shows only 20 episodes and I've heard a rumor that there's only 20 but I've read the episode spoilers and there are several scenes shown in previews that don't fit into any of the episodes. If it turns out that we don't see some episodes originally planned to be shown this season, I am going to blame the Younglings arc because honestly I think anyone would choose some action-packed episode over those episodes about Youngling brats. 

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  1. The Youngling arc started out kind of bad but it got a little better. Whether or not the season would have been better if it had been replaced with something else, whichever episodes they ended up cutting will probably show up next season so I'm not worrying too much.