Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Coming up next week..."

The next episode is the Clone Wars Season 5 finale. It does seem like the season has gone by very fast, which might be because this season is only 20 episodes instead of 22. At the end of "To Catch a Jedi", there was a preview of the next episode. In case you haven't noticed, in the earlier seasons there was a preview of the next episode at the end of almost every episode, but now "To Catch a Jedi" is the only episode in the season to feature one. In the next episode titled "The Wrong Jedi" Ahsoka is captured and has a trial to determine whether she is guilty or not. Meanwhile, Anakin searches for the culprit behind the real attack, and attacks Asajj Ventress who he believes plays a role in all of this (which she does, but not in a bad way). 

If you looked at the mysterious assailant in the last episode, it's pretty clear that she's a woman. That of course cancels out Sora Bulq (many people were guessing him for some reason, which I guess isn't entirely absurd because he was a dark Jedi in the Clone Wars comics). If you want my opinion, I suspect it might be... Barriss Offee. I know what you're thinking, how could it be Barriss Offee when she's always such a good little padawan (if she still even is a padawan, it's unclear) and she was helping Ahsoka? Well, if you think about it, Barriss, Ahsoka, and Ventress were probably the only ones who knew that Ahsoka was going to the warehouse, and it certainly wasn't Ventress. There has never before been a sign in all of Star Wars history that Barriss Offee was anything but a good Jedi Knight/padawan, but that's my only guess so far. 

I'm still not sure how Barriss could have easily beaten Ahsoka in battle when her skills are probably not that much greater than Ahsoka and Ahsoka did battle her and defeat her before in "Brain Invaders" when Barriss had been under mind control by a brain worm. There aren't any other Jedi who I could think of who could have been the mysterious assailant behind the entire plot. I mean, they're not going to have the culprit be some random Jedi, they want us to gasp and go "WHAAA?" when the true culprit is revealed. Which I'm sure all of us will. 

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