Saturday, March 30, 2013

"This Is Madness" Character Tournament: Fight of the Fetts!

Before I begin discussing the epic father versus son match-up today, I'll do a brief overview of the past week in the tournament. 

As I expected, Count Dooku beat Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine beat IG-88, and and Ahsoka beat Captain Rex. The Ahsoka versus Rex round was very close, but Ahsoka beat him. Another close match-up was Princess Leia versus Padme Amidala. Princess Leia won with 52% of the votes, which is the closest to a tie we've gotten so far.

This week the second of the 5 rounds of match-ups began. Obi-Wan beat Han Solo with 55% of the votes, Darth Vader beat Maul easily, Yoda beat Luke with almost exactly two thirds of the votes (Yoda got 67% and Luke got 33%) and Jabba the Hutt beat Cad Bane. 

Today's match-ups are Princess Leia versus R2-D2 and Boba Fett versus Jango Fett. I think that R2-D2 will probably beat Princess Leia, because over the entire Star Wars series and the Clone Wars TV show, we have all grown to love and adore R2. 

I will not be surprised at all if the Boba versus Jango match-up ends with an exact tie. But I do suppose that if one of them is going to beat the other, it'll probably be Boba Fett. Boba has simply had more screen time than Jango, both in the movies, and in the Clone Wars TV show. Anyway, I think it's safe to say that whoever beats the other will go far, maybe even to win the entire tournament. 

Next week's match-ups will be Chewbacca versus Ahsoka and Count Dooku versus Emperor Palpatine. The Chewbacca versus Ahsoka round might be very close. Many Star Wars fans are very fond of Chewie from the original series (and his minor appearance in Episode III), but the Clone Wars fans have all grown to love Ahsoka after the 5 seasons, so it's simply a question of what percentage of the voting fans are Clone Wars fans. 

As I said before, this entire tournament is just a way to give fans a thing to do for a few weeks, and though that does annoy me a little bit, I won't complain (too much) because it's given me something to do and blog about. 

Vote now on the Star Wars "This Is Madness" Character Tournament, and be sure to leave comments if you have any thoughts or opinions. May the force be with you all. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Star Wars This Is Madness Character Tournament!

Last week, the "This Is Madness" Character Tournament on started. Each day, there are two different match-ups. People vote for them online, and then the results are announced the next day. Once all of the paired match-ups are complete (which won't be until March 29th) the winners of those match-ups will match-up, and then the winners of those match-ups will match-up, and then the winner of THOSE match-ups match up, and so on until a winner is decided.

Some of the match-ups are clever and interesting, like Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Qui-Gon Jinn, or Princess Leia versus Padmé Amidala. But some are just kind of random, like Count Dooku versus Tarkin or Emperor Palpatine versus IG-88. 

For a few of them, I was and am able to predict a decisive winner. In Han Solo versus Lando Calrissian, I predicted that Han Solo would win, and he did. And of course, Darth Vader obviously beat General Grievous, and Darth Maul beat Asajj Ventress. So far, all of the winners have gotten over 70% of the votes (The closest was when Cad Bane beat Hondo Ohnaka with 72% of the votes). 

Today's match-ups were Princess Leia versus Padmé Amidala and Jango Fett versus Bossk. I predict that Jango will easily beat Bossk, because a similar match-up occured yesterday with Boba Fett versus Dengar, where Boba Fett won with 96% of the votes, which is the highest yet. I'm not sure who will win the Padmé versus Princess Leia match-up, because this basically splits the fans between the Original Trilogy and the, um, "New Trilogy", I guess. 

In the next few days, Chewbacca will probably beat Wicket, Count Dooku will probably beat Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine will certainly beat IG-88, and Ahsoka will probably beat Rex. It's true that there are a lot of Captain Rex fans, but it was very clear to me, especially during the last episode arc of Season 5, that Ahsoka has just as many, if not more fans. 

The final winner will be decided on April 9th. I think it will be one of the Fetts. Actually, Jango and Boba, father and son, will be paired up against each other on the 2nd, which may very well be the most hard-to-predict match-up yet. I hope that the people at have a plan of what will happen if there's a tie, because that may very well occur.

Some people may wonder why is doing something like this, but I think it's pretty obvious. Once the Clone Wars goes on hiatus (which is permanent in this case), is usually pretty quiet. They just thought up some fun activity that will keep fans busy for a few weeks. 

If you want to participate, or just look at the This Is Madness character tournament, then go here. I will post again sometime after the winner is announced. If you have an opinion about the tournament, respond in the comments! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Episode Thoughts

Since Season 6 isn't happening, I thought that I would talk about what we might see as of bonus content. I'm not sure how many new episodes they will release, but I know that we all want more of Maul and Ahsoka. The Clovis arc was the only arc we knew of for sure in Season 6, but now that we know that our new episodes are limited, I think that anyone would gladly swap out the Clovis arc for a different, more exciting arc.

Below the Lucasfilm announcement there is a short message by Dave Filoni and then a clip of an episode next season. In the clip, Anakin and two other Jedi females are fighting in a battlefield somewhere indoors. The clones are all looking very Episode III-y now. Anyway, one of the clones is feeling a little lightheaded, and then he says something like "A soldier must follow orders," and marches towards a Jedi. He points his gun at her, and fires. 

This isn't the first time we've seen clones killing Jedi, but this wasn't Order 66. Right after the clone killed the Jedi, the commander ran over and tackled him down. Anakin said that he "wanted answers" to why the clone killed the Jedi. Another notable item was that several droidekas/destroyer droids appeared along with several red Super Battle Droids who are sporting jetpacks. 

At the end of the clip, it turns out the whole battle is being surveyed by... Admiral Trench. No, you did not hear wrong, it is the same spider-like Admiral Trench that was killed in "Cat and Mouse", and another time before that, according to Admiral Yularen. However, this time it does look like he hasn't escaped the torpedo that destroyed his ship without a few scratches. One of his eyes is robotic. He strokes his chin and replays a hologram clip of the clone killing the Jedi. Then he tells his tactical droid something like "Call Count Dooku, I found something interesting." 

There are several possibilities for this clip. It may have been some Separatist plot that Trench didn't know about, it might have been the Nightsisters (not very likely) or, an interesting theory that I came up with: the clone was feeling ill, and he somehow thought that Order 66 was happening. Then the clones would be nervous because they wouldn't want to reveal that Order 66 even existed. 

The End of an Era

As many of you might have heard, there was a very special announcement yesterday by Lucasfilm. If you want to officially see it, then go here to see it. But I can sum it up for you.

They are apparently "winding down" on the Clone Wars, so basically it's being canceled. But, they will be releasing bonus episodes from what was going to be Season 6. You won't be able to watch TCW on TV anymore, but hopefully at some point they'll release a DVD with some bonus episodes. The good thing is that since it's not on TV anymore, and they've probably already finished the episodes, there isn't anything stopping us from getting a ton of new episodes on DVD within a month. That probably won't happen, but it's still something to think about. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Okay no one has commented on my QMYT #1 so either it's because they just haven't read it yet, nobody's looking at my blog since yesterday, or they don't watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In case it's the last one, I thought I would post a second QMYT. After all, it's called A Good Star Wars Blog, not A Good Clone Wars blog. 

What is your opinion about Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher joining the cast of Star Wars VII? 

Just a reminder: companies don't make more products if no one is buying them, and I'm the same. I won't be posting a ton of QMYT's if no one is commenting on them. It doesn't really make sense why I'm saying this, because if you're not commenting than you probably don't actually want me to make more QMYT's, but I'm still saying it anyway. This rule doesn't apply to regular posts (though the number of views may positively effect the number of posts I make, they will not negatively effect it). May the force be with you all. 

Friday, March 8, 2013


You probably saw the title, and were like "Whaa?" and immediately started to read this post to find out what QMYT. It stands for "Question that Makes You Think". I will post these maybe every day, or every few days, or maybe once a week, or whenever I get a chance.

Today's QMYT is: 

What do you think Ahsoka's future is going to be? She left the Temple with no possessions except for her clothes (she lost both her lightsabers in previous episodes). She doesn't even have any money- being a Jedi isn't a paying job. So what do you think is going to happen to her now that she's left the Jedi Order? 

An Announcement

Thank you to all the people who have viewed and are viewing this blog, most of which are probably from I would greatly appreciate it if you told other Star Wars fans that you know about this blog.

The Clone Wars will be over for the next 6 months, and I would post a lot about Episode VII, but with all the various rumors circling around I thought it would just be a waste if I reposted every time I heard something new. So I have decided I will begin to post questions about Star Wars, both the Clone Wars, the new upcoming trilogy, and all of Star Wars as a whole. I encourage people to comment on these questions in the comments section. To make it clear, these questions won't be trivia questions, they will be personal opinion questions, like "What do you think about ______?" or something like that. These questions will just be posted to make people think about various Star Wars topics and maybe engage in CALM arguments. 

Note: even if you have a Google account, you may not want to show your personal details, but never fear, Blogger has a variety of options that you can use. There is an "Anonymous" option, where your name will come up as, you guessed it, anonymous. But, if a lot of people are going to be replying to my questions, that will obviously get confusing if a lot of people are named "Anonymous". So, there is also an option to enter a name of your choice. After you enter a post under that name, that same name will appear under the options for what name your next comment will be viewed under, but it won't stay there for long. If you try to type in the name, however, it will probably give you an option of what you wrote before. So if you forget the name, you can try that, or you can just look at the comment that you made before under that name, or you can just write down the name somewhere, or you can just try to remember it.

I will be loosely moderating the comments (if there are any, that is). Of course, if I see any mean stuff, I will probably delete it. My comments will always be under "The dude who makes the blog". That's how you'll know that it's me. If I see anyone else who is trying to use that same name to pretend to be me, I will delete that comment. 

I know that there are many other places that are Star Wars forums and have probably a much better user interface, but I thought I would just make something small and relatively simple. May the force be with you! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Star Wars Episode VII Rumors

Episode VII rumors are constantly spewing out, so I would like to discuss a few of them. First of all, I'd just like to say thank you to all the people who saw my advertisement on and had the courtesy to follow it. For the past few weeks I've gotten about 1 view a day, and today I got 41, so I'm very thankful. 

There have been rumors that Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher would be returning for Episode VII. That surprises me because I'm pretty sure that Carrie Fisher didn't have a good experience with the original trilogy, and I've heard rumors that the other rumors about her aren't true. I at least hope that if Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford return, that they won't try to be in any action scenes, because this is almost 40 years since the first Star Wars movies and if they were maybe in their 20s or 30s then, then, well, you can do the math. I think we would all appreciate them appearing just as the parents of their children and not the leads in the film.

Here's a tip: don't search YouTube for any Star Wars VII trailers. They just selected the director a few months ago, and they haven't even selected the cast yet, much less started production. All the trailers will all just be either parodies, or just stitched-together scenes from other Star Wars films. Once they do release the trailer, I will post a link to it (if this blog is even still around then, because it'll be in like 3 years) but you probably won't have trouble finding it because a new Star Wars movie trailer will probably be all over YouTube very fast. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Message to All Viewers

I recently started advertising this blog on so I don't know how many people are going to actually come and look at it (I know that if someone else advertised their blog I would just be annoyed) but in case more people do, then I thought I should just put out the following message:

If you want to leave comments, then please do... IF they are either compliments or constructive criticism. But if you're just going to say mean or annoying things, then either keep quiet or go away. If I do see a comment that is mean or annoying or something, I will probably delete it, because I have the power as the almighty Blogmaster. 

Also, Blogger by Google is a great, free, blogging thing, so if you want to start a blog than I recommend it. The one thing that you might have to deal with is some privacy things because you have to either make a Google account or sign in with it to use Blogger so it will show your name and/or Google+ profile if you don't uncheck some boxes in the settings. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Season 6 Rumors?

Season 5 has come and gone, so now it's time to talk about Season 6. The only thing confirmed is the Clovis arc, which was originally scheduled for Season 5 but for some reason didn't make the cut. Anyway, the other arcs that have been rumored are Cad Bane and Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and hopefully Mother Talzin. I'm pretty sure that Darth Maul will come back, since Sidious did have "other uses" for him. Cad Bane and Boba Fett will be fun, maybe with Aurra Sing and Bossk? And Mother Talzin would be good, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen. She was the only Nightsister to survive the attack in "Massacre" (besides Asajj Ventress) and she said that they would somehow survive, though I'm not sure quite how. I heard that there were supposed to be other clans of Nightsisters on Dathomir, so maybe she'll get help from them.

I've also heard a very interesting rumor. Someone on claimed that TCW would be resuming in July, and of course, I was immediately critical, but another post contained an image to the contrary. The image shows various information, including the Episodes I and II 3D re-releases, but at the bottom it shows "Star Wars, Clone Wars, 22 New Episodes July-Dec'13. But don't get all excited, I still don't fully believe it. First of all, I'm pretty sure that the 3D re-releases were all cancelled a month ago. Also, if this was professional information, then it would probably say "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" instead of "Star Wars, Clone Wars". In fact, if not for the year, I might wonder if it was from the Clone Wars cartoon, titled Star Wars: Clone Wars about a decade ago. 

Anyway, Season 6 in July would be amazing, and I of course hope that the rumor is true, but I'm not going to get my hopes up until I find a reliable confirmation. I will keep posting about Clone Wars Updates and all other Star Wars news! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Coming up next week.."

I really should have renamed this post, because there isn't anything coming up next week. Or the week after that, or after that. There isn't anything coming up until September, probably. So this blog will probably be pretty quiet until then. 

There isn't anything confirmed for next season, except for the Clovis arc that got cut out of Season 5. But I'm not exactly sure if that's still happening, because one scene of the arc was Anakin and Ahsoka and Padme sledding down a hill with Embo right behind them and shooting at them. Someone pointed out that Ahsoka is no longer part of the Jedi Order, so either that arc won't be in there or it'll just be confusing. 

Ahsoka's future is uncertain. I don't think she has any money. I mean, it's not like she gets paid for being a Jedi. The only items she has are her clothes (her lightsabers were both lost in the previous episodes). Maybe she won't return to the Clone Wars for a while. Or ever. 

I suspect that the Season 6 premiere will be something exciting, because they'll want to have tons of exciting trailer for it. But I do think it'll just seem wrong to have a huge meaningless battle episode after the tearful Season 5 finale. 

The only rumors I've heard about Season 6 are the Clovis arc, a team up with Cad Bane and Boba Fett, and hopefully Darth Maul. 

Anyway, I will post again when the Season 6 trailer is released. It bugs me that they don't show the trailer for the next season at the end of the finale anymore, but I think after this finale it was better to give people some time to think about what had just happened, instead of about the next season. 

"Who saw the last episode?"

The last episode was titled "The Wrong Jedi". Ahsoka had been arrested at the end of the last episode, and this episode was mostly her trial. First she had her trial in front of the Jedi Council, in which they expelled her from the order. Anakin was furious, and he went off searching for the truth. He found Ventress, and I was a little afraid he might kill her, but she told him everything she knew... including that someone named Barriss had been in contact with Ahsoka. Padme served in Ahsoka's defense, but Tarkin was on the other side, and he was brutal and wanted a death sentence for Ahsoka. 

Anakin went to the Jedi Temple and found Barriss in her room. He questioned her a bit, in which she awkwardly replied, saying "If it wasn't Asajj Ventress, who could it have been?" Then, out of nowhere, a battle scene erupted between them. She fought Anakin with Ventress's lightsabers, and the duel lasted for a few minutes, but Anakin eventually overpowered her with the help of the mysterious Temple Guards. I was surprised at how powerful Barriss was. She was still probably a padawan, not much stronger than Ahsoka. Yet she still held her own against Anakin.

Back at the trial, the jury had reached their verdict, and I'm pretty sure that it was going to be against Ahsoka, but Anakin burst in at the last moment along with Temple Guards and Barriss. Barriss confessed to everything, saying that the Jedi were the ones who started the war and stuff like that. She was taken away, and presumably given the death sentence that Ahsoka was originally going to get.

Now these last few minutes were definitely the saddest. Ahsoka and Anakin had a meeting with the council, and they apologized and welcomed her back to the Jedi Order, but she refused them and walked away (literally). Anakin chased after her and after tearful words, she walked away from the Temple, and her old life completely. 

The finale was great because it was so sad at the end. You know it's good television when it really makes you feel something. The last scene is still playing through my head, of Ahsoka walking down the Temple steps, leaving her old life behind. I don't think that any episode will ever be as good as this one.