Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Message to All Viewers

I recently started advertising this blog on so I don't know how many people are going to actually come and look at it (I know that if someone else advertised their blog I would just be annoyed) but in case more people do, then I thought I should just put out the following message:

If you want to leave comments, then please do... IF they are either compliments or constructive criticism. But if you're just going to say mean or annoying things, then either keep quiet or go away. If I do see a comment that is mean or annoying or something, I will probably delete it, because I have the power as the almighty Blogmaster. 

Also, Blogger by Google is a great, free, blogging thing, so if you want to start a blog than I recommend it. The one thing that you might have to deal with is some privacy things because you have to either make a Google account or sign in with it to use Blogger so it will show your name and/or Google+ profile if you don't uncheck some boxes in the settings. 

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