Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Who saw the last episode?"

The last episode was titled "The Wrong Jedi". Ahsoka had been arrested at the end of the last episode, and this episode was mostly her trial. First she had her trial in front of the Jedi Council, in which they expelled her from the order. Anakin was furious, and he went off searching for the truth. He found Ventress, and I was a little afraid he might kill her, but she told him everything she knew... including that someone named Barriss had been in contact with Ahsoka. Padme served in Ahsoka's defense, but Tarkin was on the other side, and he was brutal and wanted a death sentence for Ahsoka. 

Anakin went to the Jedi Temple and found Barriss in her room. He questioned her a bit, in which she awkwardly replied, saying "If it wasn't Asajj Ventress, who could it have been?" Then, out of nowhere, a battle scene erupted between them. She fought Anakin with Ventress's lightsabers, and the duel lasted for a few minutes, but Anakin eventually overpowered her with the help of the mysterious Temple Guards. I was surprised at how powerful Barriss was. She was still probably a padawan, not much stronger than Ahsoka. Yet she still held her own against Anakin.

Back at the trial, the jury had reached their verdict, and I'm pretty sure that it was going to be against Ahsoka, but Anakin burst in at the last moment along with Temple Guards and Barriss. Barriss confessed to everything, saying that the Jedi were the ones who started the war and stuff like that. She was taken away, and presumably given the death sentence that Ahsoka was originally going to get.

Now these last few minutes were definitely the saddest. Ahsoka and Anakin had a meeting with the council, and they apologized and welcomed her back to the Jedi Order, but she refused them and walked away (literally). Anakin chased after her and after tearful words, she walked away from the Temple, and her old life completely. 

The finale was great because it was so sad at the end. You know it's good television when it really makes you feel something. The last scene is still playing through my head, of Ahsoka walking down the Temple steps, leaving her old life behind. I don't think that any episode will ever be as good as this one. 

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