Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plo Koon's Discovery: Another preview of "what's to come" in TCW

After the initial Clone Wars cancellation announcement and the preview of the "bonus content" that we supposedly will be getting, fans were at first crestfallen, and then slightly hopeful, even excited. Since then, there have been rumors on whether or not we will get the "bonus content", and if so, how much.

A month or two later, a second preview of the "bonus content" is released, signaling that Lucasfilm is still very much planning to release some episodes that were planned for Season 6. 

The preview is titled "Plo Koon's Discovery". It takes place in a very snowy and barren landscape. 

It begins with the howling of wind, and then several lights being shown through, along with clone troopers communicating with their superiors and stating that they must be far off from their target. Their commander replies "Negative. It is here. The data specifically states. It has got to be." 

The clones finally approach, along with several AT-TE walkers. The clones are wearing VERY cool armor. Inside the main walker is the commander and Plo Koon, who is wearing some sort of modified breathing mask. 

Finally they find the "it" that they are searching for. As Plo Koon and several clone troopers approach it, Darth Sidious's mysterious song is played (I can't really explain it, you just have to watch the video and then say "Ohhhhhh"). It's now clear that they are exploring a crashed T-6 Shuttle. I looked it up, and the T-6 Shuttle (AKA the Jedi Ambassador Shuttle) is a circular ship with swiveling wings. They made a Lego set of it. 

Plo Koon finds a lightsaber on the ground, and then states that he wants "everything taken back to Coruscant". He turns on the lightsaber and it shows that the lightsaber is blue. Then the clip ends.

Now, I think that we're all thinking "That's it!" The first clip of the bonus content was very intriguing and interesting (for those of you who didn't see it, it showed a lightheaded clone trooper shooting a Jedi in battle). 

There aren't too many questions to be answered. Yes, there's of course the question of who was in the shuttle, or whose lightsaber was that, but there isn't anything particularly momentous. What would have made the clip much more interesting is if the lightsaber had been red, showing that there was a Sith inside the shuttle.

The good thing is that this clip didn't seem to be related to the previous clip, which means that we'll be getting at least 2 arcs. But of course, for all we know they could be. We didn't get enough information from either of the clips to know what the plot of the episode arc is. 

You can watch the clip on to see for yourself. The main thing that I would take out of this is that it's been a few months, and the bonus content is still very much being planned, which is good. I will report again with any major updates. May the force be with you all.