Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Blog Additions!

I have been doing many additions and tweaking to my blog recently, so I would just like to announce the highlights of my work. 

You may notice that there is now a bar at the top which has a link to both the "Home" page, and the recent added "More" page. The "More" page has suggestions for other Star Wars websites, updated news about blog additions (from now on all additions will be announced there) and a link to my email if you would like to contact me. 

At the top of each page, there is also a "Translate" option, if you would like to view the blog in a different language. At the very bottom of each page, there is are 3 recently added gadgets: "Popular Posts", which shows you the most viewed posts, "Search This Blog", which allows you to search for various keywords in posts, and a poll titled "What's your favorite Star Wars character?". This poll is just for fun, and depending on how many people vote, it will expire at noon on November 1st (if very few people vote I will extend the deadline). Feel free to comment/email me about suggestions for more polls. 

1 comment:

  1. Great! :)
    I love this blog. I go on it every day :)