Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Star Wars: Episode VII Starts Production

I would first like to state that because of the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Episode VII, IIX, and IX will most likely be the focus of my next blog posts (excluding anything regarding remnants of Season 6 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars). 

As you may know, Lucasfilm/Disney has been hosting open casting auditions for Episode VII, which, in my opinion, would have served them a much better purpose as an American Idol-type TV show. As for official casting, there isn't much to say. Apparently Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) have been in talks for (hopefully minor) roles in the movie, and Harrison Ford (Han Solo) has been more seriously rumored. According to Samuel L. Jackson, neither he, Mark Hamill, or Ewan McGregor (prequel trilogy Obi-Wan) were contacted by J.J Abrams about the movie, but I honestly just don't have the energy to cross-reference all of the different rumors I've been getting from my Star Wars: Episode VII Google Alert. Just to make this easier, I'm going to make a list of What We Know So Far:

1. Star Wars: Episode VII will, as the numerical order would suggest, chronologically take place after Star Wars Episode VI.
2. R2-D2 will be in the movie! This was just announced very recently, and I think that we can assume that if R2-D2's going to be there, then so is C-3PO, but I don't know if Anthony Daniels will be physically playing the character or be voicing a CGI animation or puppet.
3. J.J Abrams is directing and writing the screenplay for it! He has written and directed a lot of other Sci-Fi movies/TV series (including the Star Trek reboots) and done a very good job with them, so we can assume that the next trilogy won't be as (arguably) disappointing to fans as the prequel trilogy.
4. George Lucas will probably be involved in the movie somehow. He has roles in all of the Star Wars movies, and just because he gave Lucasfilm to Disney doesn't mean that he said "Sure, go make a few more Star Wars movies or whatever, mail me the royalties, I'll be in Hawaii if you need me." 
5. Um....that's pretty much it. 

I will continue to report about Star Wars: Episode VII in the future. Thank you for reading, and may the force be with you all!

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