Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Clone Wars: Season 6 is Heading to Germany (Spoilers included)

After months of delays and sneak peeks of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6, a German television channel called Super RTL is basically saying "I don't know what you Americans are doing with all your Disney and Star Wars: Rebels, but WE are going to be showing Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 because it's awesome and stuff. So there." 

The show was removed from Cartoon Network mainly because CN is a main competitor of Disney XD, which will be airing the Star Wars: Rebels show next fall. I'm sure that Disney could easily stop this German network from airing TCW, but they choose not to because THEY LOVE MONEY. Disney is notorious for suing and legally attacking anyone that tries to copy or otherwise duplicate a Disney product. For example, they would be furious if anyone were to air a fan-made Star Wars program on even the smallest of television networks. 

More importantly, I found the website with the episode German. But, thanks to a Google Chrome extension which allows you to translate an entire page to English, I managed to get loose translations of each episode title, along with apparent descriptions of each episode. I will share the information with you now. Note: these episodes are not necessarily in order, and the translations are loose at best. Also, SPOILER ALERT, this will definitely heavily spoil Season 6. Continue at your own risk: 

1. Condition Unknown: "Clone Cadet Tup is suffering from a serious nervous disorder, which ultimately causes the death of a Jedi Master. To find out the motives of the attack, Tup is sent to Kamino for examination. Anakin is a member of the monitoring teams, but they are attacked by Separatists..." This sounds a lot like one of the clips that we saw of Season 6.

2. Conspiracy: "Clone Cadet Tup is being examined in the laboratories of Kamino to find out the reasons behind his shocking attack on the Jedi Master. Cadet Fives must penetrate deep into his mind, and stumbles upon a hidden code-manipulation cloning program." This sounds a lot like Order 66, and it might answer the questions about what exactly it was like for these clones to have the "KILL ALL JEDI" program in their heads for so long. 

3. Fugitive: "Tup's body is brought back to Coruscant to be be investigated by professional physicians. Fives finds that a modified code was hidden in the brains of all clones." This episode doesn't sound entirely different from the previous one, so we can assume that the synopsis isn't giving us a full summary of the episode. Also, you wouldn't say "Tup's body is brought to Coruscant" if he was still alive, so we can assume that he is killed in the previous episode. Perhaps Fives (or a doctor) accidentally awakens Tup, and in a violent outburst he is killed by either Anakin or another clone. 

4. Commands: "Fives continues to look for answers about Tup. He attempts to meet with Chancellor Palpatine, but when he's accused of trying to assassinate the Chancellor, he must escape." Obviously, Palpatine is framing Fives to stop his search involving Order 66. This is the fourth and final part of the first arc of the season. 

5. An Old Friend: This episode, as well as the episodes following it, have no description. The problem with the title is that we don't know if it's supposed to be sarcastic or not. Is it referring to an actual old friend (like Lux Bonteri), or an old enemy (like Cad Bane)?

6. The Rise of Clovis: Clovis, in case you don't remember, is Padmé Amidala's past friend (and love interest), as well as a Separatist conspirator. Anakin deeply dislikes him. Also, this episode is most likely tied with the clip (all clips will be given at the bottom of the page) of Anakin, Padmé, and Clovis having a sled-chase with Embo. 

7. Crisis At the Heart: Unfortunately, I have no idea what this episode could be. Most of the next episodes are equally shrouded in mystery. 

8. The Disappeared (Part 1): No synopsis or hypothesis available (I don't know anything). 

9. The Disappeared (Part 2): No synopsis or hypothesis available. 

10. The Lost One: This could involve Ahsoka. She left the Jedi Order and doesn't have any family to go to, so she could indeed be the "lost one". 

11. Voices: This episode could very well be an episode which we were given a clip of at Comic-Con or something (all clips will be given at the bottom of the page). Apparently Yoda somehow hears/sees Qui-Gon Jinn's ghost, and because Jedi aren't supposed to see that, Yoda is admitted to a personal Jedi hospital in the temple. Whether or not the Jedi are trying to keep the truth from him, Yoda escapes with Anakin's (and R2-D2's) help to find out the truth.

12. Destiny: No synopsis or hypothesis available.

13. Sacrifice: Uh-oh, I hope that no one important is getting sacrificed (or, more likely, sacrificing themselves). This is the last episode of Season 6 (that we're going to see), so there could easily be some big drama, probably even a character dying. 

I think it's safe to assume that this is the maximum of Season 6 that we're getting. The crew wasn't complete with the season when Disney cancelled the series, and "Sacrifice" sounds like a good name for a season (and series) finale to me. 

Here is the collection of clips (so far) from Season 6, as promised. The quality for some of the clips is low because they were filmed at Comic-Con or some other convention of some kind.  

The first episode "Condition Unknown" will air on February 15 at 8:15 PM (local German time). Of course, these episodes will get pirated and released online in a dozen different places, but depending on whether or not they'll be dubbed in German, there may be viewing problems. The best possible scenario is that gets all the episodes to show because they're already being shown in Germany anyway. At least then the quality will be high.

Anyway, considering that Star Wars the Clone Wars originates from the USA, and most of its viewers are from the USA (probably, no offense to non-American TCW fans), it seems a little unfair that Germany gets to broadcast it. There really wasn't a single American television channel that wouldn't take the opportunity to show 13 episodes of a TV show (and repeats) and attract millions of Clone Wars fans? Oh well, life's tough.

May the force be with you all, especially to any Germans who could invite me to their house every Saturday night from February 15th to March 1st. 

Also, thanks to all of you for viewing my blog, and making January beat the record for most pageviews in a month! I especially love how even though the USA is #1 for number of views, I still get lots of views from countries all around the world, from the UK to Indonesia! I've hit every continent except for Antarctica, so if you know any scientists working in the South Pole, tell them to go to and catch up on the latest and greatest Star Wars news. 


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