Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New TCW Season 6 Full-Length Trailer Released!

In preparation for the March 7 addition of all 6 seasons, Lucasfilm/Netflix has just released a trailer for Season 6 AKA "The Lost Missions". This is the first (American) trailer that we've seen which is composed of a multitude of short scenes and clips, instead of the few-minute episode clips which we've gotten before. Enjoy all the glory here:

Here's a list of the various themes/episode arcs that we get a look at:

1. After hearing Qui-Gon Jinn's (Liam Neeson's) voice, Yoda embarks on a journey which takes him to Dagobah (where he lives in the original trilogy), a planet with bouncy floating mushrooms, and Korriban (the ancient homeworld of the Sith), where he encounters fearsome adversaries. In a possibly unrelated scene, Yoda faces Darth Sidious. 

2. The Tup arc (investigating Order 66) is shown in greater detail, including Tup's continuing breakdowns, Fives' investigation, and Count Dooku's attempts to conceal the truth (which includes a droid-gunship filled attack on Kamino, and commands to the Kaminoans themselves). 

3. Once again, Padmé is in trouble. We've known about the "Rise of Clovis" arc for a while now, but this brings more details. She goes to some kind of meeting with the Banking Clan (possibly on their homeworld of Muunilinst), and is arrested for "espionage", much to Rush Clovis' dismay (he is affiliated with the Banking Clan). Somehow, they end up on an ice planet where Anakin saves them from an attack by Embo, and leads them into an epic sled chase. 

4. Plo Koon investigates why Syfo-Dyas kept the creation of the clone army secret, and how he died. This arc could be simultaneous with the Commander Tup arc, considering that both of them involve the mysteries of the clone army.

5. Some arcs involving some classic Clone vs. Droid battles with Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Rex. Also, a space battle around a planet that seems to have a space-station-y ring around it.

6. Mace Windu gets some action! He battles some Gundarks, some giant mechanical beings, and duels Mother Talzin herself! I'm glad that we get to see more Nighsister action after they were all wiped out in Season 4 (except for Talzin and Asajj Ventress). 

Considering that this is a shortened season (only 13 episodes), there certainly seems to be a lot going on. It all premieres on March 7 on Netflix. May the force be with you all! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Netflix, you are once again our Eternal Savior

Today, I found perhaps the biggest Clone Wars news since the cancellation of the show: Season 6 ("The Lost Missions") will be released on Netflix on March 7!

Yes, perhaps Germany gets to view the episodes sooner, and have the experience of watching it live on television. But us Americans (and Canadians) exclusively get to binge-watch all 13 episodes in about 3 weeks. Go here to see more about the announcement. 

Aside from Season 6, all 5 previous seasons will be available on Netflix, along with the feature film. This multi-year agreement gives Netflix the EXCLUSIVE subscription service for the entire Clone Wars series. Basically, this will be the only (legal) place to watch TCW for free (if you already have and use a Netflix account, which many people do). Moreover, it will be probably the only place for people NOT living in Germany to view Season 6 in English and in HD. 

Clearly, Dave Filoni and the rest of TCW crew and producers have followed through on their plan to somehow release Season 6 in early 2014. Unfortunately, Clone Wars fans not living in Germany or upper North America will have to resort to other options.

I was originally planning to watch Season 6 on YouTube after its airing in Germany, but now I feel like I should wait until I can watch it in high-quality in early March. On March 7 I will most likely binge-watch all 13 episodes (which is between 273 and 286 minutes, over 4.5 hours), and on either that Friday night or Saturday morning I will start posting something or the other. 

Due to the instant release of all 13 episodes, instead of a single episode being aired every week, I won't be able to post the usual "Who saw the last episode?" reviews, but I will go over the episodes in great detail. 

Truly, this is a great day for Clone Wars fans everywhere. May the force be with you all! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

New TCW Season 6 German Trailer! (spoilers included)

As you know, the German channel known as Super RTL will be airing The Clone Wars: Season 6 starting next weekend. If this is unfamiliar to you, then I suggest that you scroll down to the post titled "The Clone Wars: Season 6 is Heading to Germany!"

This new trailer is entirely in German, but there are English subtitles. The quality is pretty low, but I'm very grateful that could provide this (they also have provided information for my previous Season 6 posts). Due to the privacy settings on the video, only those with the link can view it. Once the video becomes more easily available I will directly include it on this post, but until then I can only offer you the link.

I will now include a detailed run-through of each scene in the video:

1. A Republic shuttle holding some extra cargo is being escorted by 4 ARC-170 fighters away from a Republic fleet.
2. Darth Sidious tells Dooku "It seems that you believe this to be a result of our programming," via hologram, and Dooku replies "Yes, my lord." This is most likely a reference to the plot of the opening arc of the season. 
3. Chancellor Palpatine looks concerned in his private quarters, with Commander Fox in the background.
4. Republic gunships descend on the Coruscant Underworld. Inside, Commander Fox prepares for conflict.
5. Dooku says "Luckily, the Jedi still don't suspect anything," and Sidious replies "Very good."
6. Shaak Ti vaults over a railing and falls down some kind of dark pit. "We should take great care," she says. I'm glad that we can see more of Shaak Ti (she hasn't appeared since the first episode of Season 3, and she didn't do much). Previously, she was stationed on Kamino, so she could easily tie in to the plot.
7. Mace Windu (probably replying to Shaak Ti) says "Or we'll find that even more clones will stand against us." There is a brief view of the clone troopers growing in the Kaminoan laboratories.
8. Fives appears to seriously flip out and says "This is a conspiracy against the Jedi!" In a separate scene, Shaak Ti ignites her lightsaber and prepares for battle with a clone commander behind her.
9. A Republic shuttle (different from the shuttle in the first scene) comes to Coruscant. 
10. Chancellor Palpatine says "We must focus on the ongoing war." If you read the spoilers in the most recent Season 6 post, you'll know that Palpatine doesn't want anyone finding out about Order 66. Yoda also looks upset, but that may be from a whole different scene chronologically. 

This preview seemed to focus greatly on the opening arc of the season. The first episode will air on February 15, 8:15 PM German time. On Sunday morning, I'll see if I can find a version on YouTube, and if I can get English subtitles, I'll watch it and post about it. 

Just to be clear: I don't necessarily support the illegal distribution of TCW episodes on YouTube. But Super RTL doesn't air here, and since (which WAS my best source of highest-quality Clone Wars episodes) seems to have completely forgotten about TCW,  it's my only choice. 

May the force be with you all! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here's an Epic Breakdown of the Best Episode VII Fan Art (So far!)

What's the best way to pass the time until December 18, 2015? How about an analysis and review of some of the various Episode VII fan art that we've seen so far. If I do include any nonsense fan art (which I will), it's only because even the people who are making fun of Episode VII still put a lot of work into their art, and it DOES look great.

Okay, this image is looking good. There's definitely some J.J. Abrams-style lens flare going on. Not really sure why this Jedi is standing in the middle of a field with an ignited lightsaber, but still, I'm digging it. 

In case you didn't realize, the guy in the background is Darth Krayt, one of the most prominent EU Sith Lords. The casting titles are complete baloney (everyone except Mark Hamill hasn't even been rumored for the movie), but the below-title text is pretty cool. It's signifying that Darth Krayt is one of the next great Sith Lords. And of course, the subtitle "Legacy of the Shadows" isn't too bad. Of course, it's one of those classic titles that has a mysterious sound to it, but makes absolutely no sense when you think about it. 

You'll find that a lot of these posters have alluring and mysterious promo text at the top. I suppose that the art, as well as the "The evil never ends, just evolves" thing could imply that either Darth Vader is still alive (and "evolved" out of his suit), or a new Sith is going to take his place. Most of these posters are high-quality, but the art doesn't specifically make any sense at all.

This is one of the completely false posters that I was talking about. This poster is basically the result of a huge franchise-movie collision. And I would TOTALLY go see it. 

Again, this poster implies that Darth Vader survived his death in Episode VI. I certainly like the art, and the promo text is cool, except for one devastatingly obvious detail: "survive" only has one "i". I get it, it looks cool, but seriously guys, learn English.

It looks like SOME red-lightsaber-wielding dude is stalking the Falcon. 

Very nice artwork...but why exactly is there a Star Destroyer crashed in the middle of an ocean? Just saying. 

Nice artwork. It doesn't really show who's been shooting the Falcon (or why), but still, it looks pretty cool. This, as well as the previous poster, has the "War, Aftermath" promo text. It definitely looks cool, but it doesn't really make any sense. This would suggest that the Falcon is being attacked in the aftermath of a war, but what war? The events of the Original Trilogy, though important, wouldn't be defined as a war. A war would suggest that both forces were constantly waging against each other, but in reality, the Rebel Alliance was significantly inferior to the Empire. Anyway, that's just a technicality.

I actually saw this image several days after I originally released this post, but it was so good that I had to update it. There's Star Destroyers, TIE Fighters, and some great icy mountains. Again, this suggests that Darth Vader is still alive, which is a very common theme. 

There are a lot more posters, but most of them are pretty low-quality and the images don't make much sense. We can only hope that these posters will inspire the Episode VII crew to make something even better. May the force be with you all!