Thursday, February 13, 2014

Netflix, you are once again our Eternal Savior

Today, I found perhaps the biggest Clone Wars news since the cancellation of the show: Season 6 ("The Lost Missions") will be released on Netflix on March 7!

Yes, perhaps Germany gets to view the episodes sooner, and have the experience of watching it live on television. But us Americans (and Canadians) exclusively get to binge-watch all 13 episodes in about 3 weeks. Go here to see more about the announcement. 

Aside from Season 6, all 5 previous seasons will be available on Netflix, along with the feature film. This multi-year agreement gives Netflix the EXCLUSIVE subscription service for the entire Clone Wars series. Basically, this will be the only (legal) place to watch TCW for free (if you already have and use a Netflix account, which many people do). Moreover, it will be probably the only place for people NOT living in Germany to view Season 6 in English and in HD. 

Clearly, Dave Filoni and the rest of TCW crew and producers have followed through on their plan to somehow release Season 6 in early 2014. Unfortunately, Clone Wars fans not living in Germany or upper North America will have to resort to other options.

I was originally planning to watch Season 6 on YouTube after its airing in Germany, but now I feel like I should wait until I can watch it in high-quality in early March. On March 7 I will most likely binge-watch all 13 episodes (which is between 273 and 286 minutes, over 4.5 hours), and on either that Friday night or Saturday morning I will start posting something or the other. 

Due to the instant release of all 13 episodes, instead of a single episode being aired every week, I won't be able to post the usual "Who saw the last episode?" reviews, but I will go over the episodes in great detail. 

Truly, this is a great day for Clone Wars fans everywhere. May the force be with you all! 

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