Sunday, February 9, 2014

New TCW Season 6 German Trailer! (spoilers included)

As you know, the German channel known as Super RTL will be airing The Clone Wars: Season 6 starting next weekend. If this is unfamiliar to you, then I suggest that you scroll down to the post titled "The Clone Wars: Season 6 is Heading to Germany!"

This new trailer is entirely in German, but there are English subtitles. The quality is pretty low, but I'm very grateful that could provide this (they also have provided information for my previous Season 6 posts). Due to the privacy settings on the video, only those with the link can view it. Once the video becomes more easily available I will directly include it on this post, but until then I can only offer you the link.

I will now include a detailed run-through of each scene in the video:

1. A Republic shuttle holding some extra cargo is being escorted by 4 ARC-170 fighters away from a Republic fleet.
2. Darth Sidious tells Dooku "It seems that you believe this to be a result of our programming," via hologram, and Dooku replies "Yes, my lord." This is most likely a reference to the plot of the opening arc of the season. 
3. Chancellor Palpatine looks concerned in his private quarters, with Commander Fox in the background.
4. Republic gunships descend on the Coruscant Underworld. Inside, Commander Fox prepares for conflict.
5. Dooku says "Luckily, the Jedi still don't suspect anything," and Sidious replies "Very good."
6. Shaak Ti vaults over a railing and falls down some kind of dark pit. "We should take great care," she says. I'm glad that we can see more of Shaak Ti (she hasn't appeared since the first episode of Season 3, and she didn't do much). Previously, she was stationed on Kamino, so she could easily tie in to the plot.
7. Mace Windu (probably replying to Shaak Ti) says "Or we'll find that even more clones will stand against us." There is a brief view of the clone troopers growing in the Kaminoan laboratories.
8. Fives appears to seriously flip out and says "This is a conspiracy against the Jedi!" In a separate scene, Shaak Ti ignites her lightsaber and prepares for battle with a clone commander behind her.
9. A Republic shuttle (different from the shuttle in the first scene) comes to Coruscant. 
10. Chancellor Palpatine says "We must focus on the ongoing war." If you read the spoilers in the most recent Season 6 post, you'll know that Palpatine doesn't want anyone finding out about Order 66. Yoda also looks upset, but that may be from a whole different scene chronologically. 

This preview seemed to focus greatly on the opening arc of the season. The first episode will air on February 15, 8:15 PM German time. On Sunday morning, I'll see if I can find a version on YouTube, and if I can get English subtitles, I'll watch it and post about it. 

Just to be clear: I don't necessarily support the illegal distribution of TCW episodes on YouTube. But Super RTL doesn't air here, and since (which WAS my best source of highest-quality Clone Wars episodes) seems to have completely forgotten about TCW,  it's my only choice. 

May the force be with you all! 

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