Saturday, April 26, 2014

Star Wars: Episode VII will completely ignore the Expanded Universe...kind of

Lucasfilm has now officially stated that the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe) will not play a role in the plot/characters of Episode VII. For anyone who's confused about what the Expanded Universe is, it consists of any Star Wars content that exists outside of the 6 films. Any book, comic, video game, or cartoon that hasn't had some kind of representation on the big screen counts as the EU. The 6 films are classified as canon (universally and legitimately existing content). However, due to Star Wars: The Clone Wars also being classified as canon, I'll rephrase the term:

The Expanded Universe is any type of Star Wars content in which George Lucas hasn't been involved in some way.

It might sound like Lucasfilm is basically flushing 30 years of EU content down the toilet and rebuilding it from scratch, but that's not necessarily the case. Yes, it's very possible that in Episode VII, Luke WON'T have married Mara Jade and their children WON'T have the same names as in the EU, but it's still possible. The plot of the film will be entirely different, but certain elements (or characters) from the EU could end up in the film. 

The other big announcement was that Lucasfilm has assembled a new story group to oversee all Star Wars creative development, and insure that it's all connected from now on. The first new books to come in this group will include Star Wars: A New Dawn, which is a direct prequel to Star Wars: Rebels. The book will be published in hardcover and e-book September 2, probably a few weeks before the premiere of the show. 

So, how do YOU feel about Lucasfilm disregarding the EU? Feel free to comment, and may the force be with you all! 

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  1. the dude who makes the blogApril 28, 2014 at 2:34 PM

    Just realized that this means that Boba Fett is technically still dead ;(