Monday, June 16, 2014

Harrison Ford suffers ankle injury while filming Star Wars: Episode VII

The legendary Harrison Ford has recently sustained an ankle injury while filming Star Wars: Episode VII in England. Apparently, he was injured by the door of the Millennium
Falcon as it swung close. This was reported a few days ago, but rumors are still swirling. 

According to one source, Harrison Ford may have actually broken his ankle, and suffered some other minor torso injuries. Also, the other cast members are apparently "livid" about the accident and want all safety to be "triple-checked". A closing door is probably the LEAST dangerous thing happening on the set, so you can't blame them for being paranoid. 

But the most recent news is that Ford might actually have to be benched for 8 weeks. Though filming is continuing without him, I doubt that he was injured on his last scene in the movie. Being 71 years old, I doubt that he'll be doing nearly as many agile stunts as in the original Star Wars films, but a broken ankle could complicate filming. 

As you probably know, every Episode VII set photo causes quite a buzz on the Internet, and every announcement (or particularly interesting rumor) makes headlines.In fact, some of these rumors appear to be catching on. 

On IMDB (the official Internet Movie Database), Daisy Ridley was officially listed as playing Jaina Solo (Han Solo and Leia Organa's Jedi daughter in the Expanded Universe) in Episode VII. She responded by tweeting that "the world and his wife" can update IMDB, "just saying". She was reminding us all that IMDB is a collaborative site, similar to Wikipedia, so an obnoxious fan could easily have edited the page. 

Come back soon to keep up with Episode VII news. May the force be with you all.