Friday, November 28, 2014

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer released!

Disney has released an 88-second teaser of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which isn't coming out for over a year (the release date is December 18th 2015). In comparison, the "equally" significant Avengers: Age of Ultron, only got its first trailer about 6 and a half months before the release date of May 1, 2015. 

Obtaining this trailer was fairly aggravating for most fans. Amidst rumors that the teaser would be released Thanksgiving weekend, Disney gave us a list of the 30 theaters in America that would feature the teaser before every movie, this weekend. Though a bootlegged version was sure to hit YouTube, many die-hard fans made lengthy preparations to make it to the nearest theater on the list. I'm sure at least a few fans bought plane tickets. 

And yet, a day or two later, Disney announced that the trailer would also be released online. So basically, the only reason to go to one of those 30 theaters is if you really wanted to see it with lots of other people. Otherwise, you could just cancel the movie tickets you had bought online, and watch it in your cozy home. Here's a break-down of the trailer:

  1. We open on the dunes of Tatooine. This is incredibly appropriate, considering that both Star Wars sagas have began on Tatooine. A dark and deep voice says "There has been an awakening, have you felt it?" 
  2. A stormtrooper (played by John Boyega) suddenly stands up amongst the dunes, gasping for breath. He seems pretty surprised and gazes around at his surroundings, so he probably just woke up. You can also hear an Imperial Probe Droid in the background.
  3. An astromech droid (resembling R2-D2's head) beeps and rolls a ball around a Tatooine junkyard. In the background, you can see a spaceship, and what looks to be a podracer. 
  4. A squadron of stormtroopers stand together, and ready their blasters in a shaking spaceship. The stormtroopers are wearing the newly designed helmets, first leaked several months ago. The hatch of the ship opens onto a smoky environment. You can spot a blinking antenna in the background.
  5. A young woman (played by Daisy Ridley) looks behind her, before flying away in some kind of landspeeder on a flat Tatooine desert. She wears goggles and a poncho, and she looks like she's in a rush to get away from someone...or something. 
  6. A man (played by Oscar Isaac) wearing a helmet with the Rebel symbol, flips a switch in the cockpit of an X-wing starfighter. 
  7. In a possibly unrelated scene, a trio of X-wing starfighters fly directly above a body of water. In the background, you can see several mountains, and also a fair bit of smoke. This is probably in the middle of a battle.
  8. A cloaked figure angrily strolls through a dark and snowy forest. He stops, and ignites a red lightsaber with a strange hilt. The same deep voice says "The dark side...and the light!"
  9. The classic Star Wars anthem begins, and we get a sweeping, twisty-turny shot of the Millenium Falcon being chased by some TIE fighters, again on the dunes of Tatooine.
  10. The official title logo for Star Wars: The Force Awakens appears, followed by the words December 2015. 
This teaser was pretty brief, but gave us one big idea: there will be a lot of Tatooine. Hopefully, we'll see more of the movie soon, but don't expect a full-length trailer for at least a few months. 

(Gif credits to E Online. Yes, this is very lazy of me to steal gifs from them instead of making them myself. Sorry.)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Star Wars: Episode VII has finished filming!

Congratulations to JJ Abrams and the Star Wars: Episode VII cast; the film has officially finished filming after about 6 months. This was confirmed by a note JJ Abrams posted on twitter, thanking the cast crew for their hard work.

The note reads:
To the Extraordinary Cast and Crew of Episode VII: It is a true honor and absolute joy to come to set every day and work alongside each of you. Your professionalism, passion and patience is more deeply appreciated than we could ever express. From the deserts of Abu Dhabi, to the Forest of Dean, to the stages of Pinewood, you have risen to every challenge and been as wonderfully kind as you are brilliantly talented. Our ambition here is large, of course, and it must be; we are here to make a film that entertains millions of people, of all ages, for generations. To create an experience people will cherish watching as much as we will cherish having made it, together. How lovely it would be if you had, in addition to your name on the screen, some actual, real, tangible proof that you were apart of it! Here, then, is that proof. Wear it well, wear it healthily, wear it proudly. But mostly thank you.

The note does not reveal any specific details about the movie, except that the creators seem to be very confident about the quality of the movie. This doesn't necessarily mean the movie will actually be good; most directors probably think their movies are good, even if they're actually terrible. 

Now that we have exited the period of leaked set images, we'll soon be entering the period of leaked footage. And, according to some sources, we may even get a first teaser trailer by the end of the year.

This seems rather extreme, considering that the movie isn't coming out until almost 2016 (the release date is December 18, 2015). So any teaser that does come out in 2014, will most likely not include any actual characters or plot points. Perhaps the single blade of a lightsaber igniting, and then a well-animated graphic of "Star Wars: Episode VII", possibly followed by the yet-to-be-released sub-title of the film. 

Not only is Episode VII the biggest movie of 2015 (sorry, Age of Ultron), it is arguably the biggest movie of the decade. You simply can't find a more classic film series than Star Wars. If you have some clear allusions to the previous Star Wars films (for example Tatooine, which has been pretty much confirmed to be a major location in the film), and add some refreshingly new content (new villains, new superweapons) you can make a truly incredible film that will please both adult and child fans. 

Are you glad that Episode VII is finished filming? When are you expecting the first trailer? Tell me in the comments, and may the force be with you all.