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"The Force Awakens" Full Trailer Details Revealed

We've seen two teasers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens so far, and though they were both super exciting and teaser-y, neither of them were very long, and neither of them showed us too much of the movie's actual plot. Around the time of San Diego Comic-Con in July, JJ Abrams revealed that the next, full trailer would be released in "the Fall", which left fans disappointed and a bit frustrated. This year's autumnal season technically encompasses 3 months, from September 23rd to December 22nd, meaning that the trailer could hypothetically not be released until 4 days after the movie itself opens in theaters on December 18th. No fans seriously expected that, but they were still anxious about waking up every Fall morning, not knowing if they were about to see the greatest three-or-so minutes of their lives.
Fortunately, Star Wars 7 News has an (unconfirmed) answer: both the trailer and the advanced tickets sales will go online Monday, October 19th. It makes sense that for a movie of this monumental size, the tickets would go on sale about 2 months ahead of time. And it makes sense that they'd make sure to give some extra incentive to buy tickets (as if we needed any) by giving us a nice, new trailer to watch. 

The article also reports that this will be the only full-length trailer released. After October 19th, we'll apparently see absolutely no more footage of the film. Even the TV spots will be composed entirely of footage from the trailer. In other words, this trailer better be good. Like, good enough to last us 2 months. So in preparation, I'm going to list all of the things that we'd like to see in the trailer. 

Some actual plot 

Bits and pieces of The Force Awakens' plot have been revealed by cast members, producers, and merchandise, but a film's primary trailer is supposed to give viewers some kind of idea of the plot. We know most of the characters pretty well, and we know many of the relationships between them, but what exactly will they be doing? How will they meet? What are their motives? And most importantly, why is the force awakening?!!
New heroes Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega) 

More Original Trilogy characters

The previous 2 teasers have done a great job of focusing on the brand-new characters, with only quick looks at familiar faces for nostalgia's sake. We've seen R2-D2, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, but what about Luke and Leia? What have they been up to? Does Leia have force powers now? It's been repeatedly rumored that Luke is missing and/or evil in the film, so they might not want to spoil that yet, but it wouldn't hurt to see a quick shot of his face. 
And let's not forget about our old droid pals. BB-8 might be getting all of the promotion now, but he's got nothing on R2-D2, the most loyal astromech a guy could ask for. We saw R2 for a moment in the second teaser, but it would be nice to see him in action again, maybe with his longtime friend C-3PO, who's now sporting a red arm for some reason. And it would literally be the most awesome thing ever if we saw R2 and BB-8 meet and talk to each other with those cute little beeps. 


So far, the only dialogue we've heard from the movie has been a voiceover by Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis' motion-captured Sith Lord who we haven't seen yet whatsoever), and a recording of Luke Skywalker's voice from Return of the Jedi. We know a lot about The Force Awakens' new heroes -- Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron -- but it would be great if we could hear their voices. Is Rey's voice as defiant as she looks? Does Poe Dameron's voice ooze with the wild confidence that he conveys? 
Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac)

More villains

Since day one, Kylo Ren has been presented as the film's primary villain, and his mask and crossguard lightsaber have become synonymous with the film in its entirety. But the sinister First Order has other prominent leaders besides Ren; namely, General Hux and chrome-clad stormtrooper Captain Phasma. We've seen images of both of them, but we don't know much about their personalities and abilities, besides the fact that they're generally evil and cruel and power-hungry. Wouldn't it be great to see them in action?
Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order stormtroopers

But the real mystery is the aforementioned Supreme Leader Snoke, who JJ Abrams described as "the most powerful figure on the Dark Side of the Force." This must mean that he's significant to the plot, so why haven't we seen a single image of him, not even from a toy? We may have an answer from Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, who similarly motion-captures space pirate Maz Kanata, and previously stated that her character would be unseen before the movie's release.

It makes sense that the mo-cap characters would take time to create in post-production, but that CGI would certainly be finished months before the movie's release, and right in time for the trailer. If we still don't see Snoke when the trailer drops, the most plausible explanation is that the filmmakers simply don't want us to; all of their behavior setting up the movie's promotion and premiere (the advanced screenings for critics are being limited, all toys sets are from the beginning of the film) suggests that they intend on hiding quite a few secrets from us until we're sitting in the theater. One can only wonder why Snoke's appearance would be anything gasp-worthy...

More environments

If you look back through all of the footage released from The Force Awakens, you'll notice that most of it takes place on the desert planet Jakku. Besides the First Order's Starkiller Base, this is really the only named location that we know of in the movie. Where is the Resistance currently based? What other terrains and environments will we see in the movie? I think it's time that we found out. 

Starkiller Base in action

When it was announced that the First Order's center of command would be named Starkiller Base, everyone assumed that was just an obvious reference to the original surname of Luke and Anakin, not to mention the name of the main character in the Force Unleashed video games. But a subtle entry in the database revealed that Starkiller Base gets its name from the weapon it contains that can destroy entire star systems. 
Starkiller Base
This new superweapon will clearly serve the same purpose as the Death Star; it'll be a huge threat to the galaxy that the good guys will fight to destroy during the climax of the movie. But like the Death Star, there's a good chance that we'll get to see a demonstration of the Starkiller's devastating power earlier in the movie. If the trailer gave us a glimpse at how the superweapon actually functions, or showed the destruction that it causes, it would certainly satisfy lots of fans and get audiences even more excited for the movie. 

Space battles

Star Wars is famous for featuring some pretty great space battles, featuring various starfighters and battleships shooting lasers and flying around. Every single previous Star Wars film has featured at least one exciting space battle, so we can assume that The Force Awakens will have a few as well. The spaceships participating in these conflicts could easily include the Millenium Falcon, updated versions of the X-Wing and TIE fighters, and the First Order's star destroyer, the Finalizer. 
The Finalizer

Lightsaber duels

You can't have a Star Wars movie without a big lightsaber duel at the end. A fight between Kylo Ren and Finn has been teased, but it would be great to see some actual action. Participants in duel(s) could include Finn (with Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber), Rey (wielding her signature staff), Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader Snoke, and even Luke and Leia. 
Kylo Ren vs. Finn
Ren's iconic lightsaber has sparked endless Internet debate on the effectiveness of its smaller, crossguard blades. It seems likely that at some point in the movie, Ren will use the crossguard blades to block someone from cutting off his hand (just so the filmmakers can prove all the haters wrong), but it would be great to see that beforehand in the trailer.

Max von Sydow?

This legendary Swedish-French actor was one of the first actors officially cast in The Force Awakens, but we've not seen or heard anything about his character. There were some kind of rumors that he's playing a cyborg on Jakku who's friend with Rey, but turns out to be evil. We've heard absolutely nothing about that since, and that was circulating along with rumors that the villains of the film would be Nightsisters and Mandalorians, which has since been proven to be completely and utterly false. So basically, we have no idea who his character is, but he's famous enough to require a somewhat prominent role in the movie, so it's about time that we saw a glimpse of him in the trailer. 
Max von Sydow

The Force 

It flows through all living things, and though the movie is named after it, we've seen absolutely zero uses of the force in the teasers. I'm talking about force pushes, levitation, hand-generated lightning, even some meditating would be fine. Kylo Ren has been confirmed to have an obsession with Darth Vader, so it would be amazing to see him mimic Vader's classic force choke.

UPDATE: Though Star Wars 7 News was the first to announce this, many other sources have corroborated that the trailer will indeed be released on Monday, October 19th, and the film's official poster will be released either on the 18th or 19th. Apparently it will air on Monday night during the Giants vs. Eagles football game on ESPN (which is also owned by Disney, making some nice synergy). Furthermore, the game itself will allegedly be The Force Awakens-themed, featuring Star Wars scoreboards and an opening crawl introducing the two teams. The trailer will undoubtedly drop online moments after it airs on television. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18th. What are you hoping for in the trailer? Tell me in the comments, and may the force be with you all. 

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