Friday, November 13, 2015

"The Force Awakens" TV Spot #2: Every Generation Has A Story

A second TV spot for The Force Awakens was released this Thursday, courtesy of ABC's "TGIT", a night of popular Shonda Rhimes-produced shows "Grey's Anatomy", "Scandal", and "How to Get Away With Murder". This makes for some nice synergy, as Disney owns both Lucasfilm and the ABC network.

While the 30-second spot released on Sunday was all about Rey, this new 60-second spot features new footage of Finn and Han Solo. As usual, I'm only going to review the new footage. Any scenes not described in this post were previously reviewed in one of the other teaser/trailer breakdowns. 
  1. Finn walks under a tarp in a Jakku market, and looks into the distance. Then, he and Rey and BB-8 run/roll out of the tent as TIE fighters fly overhead. One fires, and they're knocked down by the explosion. There are many reasons why the First Order is chasing them. Rey might be one of the last Jedi, BB-8 might be holding Anakin/Luke Skywalker's blue lightsaber, and Finn definitely ran away from their army, after freeing their most valuable prisoner (Poe Dameron) and causing a whole lot of other chaos. So no, you can't blame them for shooting first, asking questions later. 
  2. "Nothing will stand in our way. I will show them the Dark Side," Kylo Ren says. Despite demonstrating expertise in the Dark Side of the Force, Kylo isn't a Sith; he's a member of the Knights of Ren, a mysterious group that may have been formed for the purpose of fulfilling the work of Darth Vader. 
  3. A TIE fighter (presumably piloted by Finn) breaks free of a cable and flies out the hangar of a First Order Star Destroyer. Looking at the flames and stormtroopers running around, this won't be a clean escape. Unfortunately, based on a scene shown in the trailer, Finn's fighter will get more than a little damaged while escaping the ship, causing it to crash-land on Jakku. 
  4. "You might need this," Han Solo says to Rey, and hands her a blaster pistol. Based on the Millenium Falcon and jungle in the background, they've landed on Takodana, and they're preparing to enter Maz Kanata's pirate castle. And boy, is Han right; the previous TV spot showed Rey wielding this blaster against Kylo Ren! The lonely scavenger is accustomed to using her staff as her primary weapon, but it shouldn't be too hard to learn how to pull a trigger.
  5. We see another shot of the Falcon evading a TIE fighter on Jakku. Despite being the trademark ship of Han, rumors and reports suggest that Rey is actually the pilot in this scene. She'll fly it through the crashed Star Destroyer, which she explored firsthand at the beginning of the trailer. 
  6. Rey gazes with fascination as she enters the Resistance's command room, featuring General Leia with her back turned. There's a lot of interesting things to look at here -- including the return of Admiral "It's a trap!" Ackbar -- but it seems like Rey's focused on Leia. With Han standing next to her, this could be the makings of a long-awaited family reunion. 
  7. Finn swings his lightsaber at a stormtrooper, who blocks it with an electric staff. This is the first we've seen of Finn using his blade outside of his climactic forest duel with Kylo Ren. He's grown up with these soldiers, but he doesn't seem hesitant to cut them to pieces. The fact that stormtroopers are armed with these lightsaber-proof staffs is somewhat of a revelation, and suggests that they've been specially trained to fight Jedi. 
  8. Han and Chewbacca jump out from rubble, and the former fires his blaster. It's nice to see that Han might be old, but he's not missing out any of the action. Both this shot and #7 above look to be in the same place as a shot in the trailer in which Han, Chewie, and Finn seemingly surrender to stormtroopers. Perhaps some Resistance friends provide a distraction, and our heroes grab their blasters and blades and start shooting and swinging.  
Again, this TV spot features no huge revelations -- and still no Luke (is anyone really still expecting to see him before December 18th?) -- but it continued to tease Rey's parentage. There will undoubtedly be more TV spots featuring more quick snippets of new footage, and I'll review them right here. 

What did you think of the TV spot? Tell me in the comments, and may the Force be with you all. 

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