Monday, November 23, 2015

"The Force Awakens" Clip #1 - "Escape"

The first clip for The Force Awakens aired during the 2015 AMAs on Sunday night. You might be groaning about the amount of spoiler-y footage released from the movie, but this clip is only 15 seconds long, and it reveals nothing about the movie that we didn't already know. 

It begins with Rey and Finn running out of the entrance of a Jakku trading post, with TIE fighters raining destruction behind them. "We can't outrun them!" Finn shouts. "We might, in that quad jumper!" Rey replies, pointing to a speeder with four big engines. "We need a pilot!", he reminds her, and she says "We've got one!", referring to herself. "You?" he asks with surprise. The quad jumper then violently explodes as a TIE fighter bombards it, and the two heroes halt in shock. 

This scene further demonstrates Rey's self sufficiency.. As we know, she can fly more than a speeder: she's been shown to pilot the Millennium Falcon itself. In fact, since their hopeful ride was just blown up, after this scene they'll somehow find the Falcon, break into it, and engage in a dogfight with the TIEs through the crashed Star Destroyer.

Since we've still got almost a month to go until the movie's release, there'll be more clips coming our way. But like this one, they'll probably show us some exciting action without any substantial plot details. What did you think of this clip? Tell me in the comments, and may the Force be with you all. 

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