Sunday, November 15, 2015

"The Force Awakens" TV Spot #3 Teases Bad News for Kanata's Castle

The third TV spot for The Force Awakens, first aired on Cartoon Network, has landed online. Like the previous TV spots, it features a lot of familiar footage (Rey and BB-8 in the desert, Rey and Finn running from explosions, X-Wings vs TIE fighters, etc.), but it delivers at least one significant piece of new footage. 
(Note: the video title says this is TV Spot 2, the Star Wars YouTube channel simply counts them differently)

In the case of this particular promo, the significant new footage is of Rey exiting a jungle, and witnessing a castle being bombarded by TIEs. This is almost definitely the watering hole of pirate Maz Kanata on the planet Takodana, glimpsed at the beginning of the first TV spot, surrounded by a similar jungle. And the scene that precedes this? The shot of Rey and BB-8 looking up through trees, and seeing First Order TIEs and landing craft flying overhead (4 seconds into this TV spot). 
We know that Rey and BB-8 are accompanied by Han and Finn when they enter the castle, so it's no wonder that the First Order would want to destroy it. But why did Rey run into the jungle? Rumor has it that Maz, with her great wisdom and possible knowledge of the Force, tells Rey her destiny -- probably involving the words "Skywalker" and "Jedi". Rey is freaked out by this, and she runs out into the jungle. BB-8 follows her, and then they stop and turn around when the First Order arrives. 

Hopefully, Rey will be able to calm down, reconvene with her friends, and escape in the Millennium Falcon. But what about Maz? She's over a thousand years old, and has owned her castle for "about a century" according to JJ Abrams. She's already been compared to Yoda, so like him, she might be ready to go down with the ship after she's given the necessary advice to the next generation of Skywalkers. But here's hoping that she escapes with the other heroes and remains an ally of the Resistance. She might even be able to use the secret power in her eyes to help fight the First Order.
This TV spot also showed a little more of Rey and Finn evading laser fire on Jakku, and then Rey shouting "Get ready!" as she pilots the Millennium Falcon, and Finn replying "For what?" from the gunner's seat. It appears that the two will desperately hop into the nearest starship and try to escape the First Order's TIEs, unaware of the Falcon's significance. 

There's also a new look at Rey's battle with Kylo Ren. She furiously fires at him, and he deflects her shots and appears to give a Force push. As it turns out, those crossguard blades aren't stopping him from twirling his lightsaber around like a pro. There's no confirmation if this is also on Takodana, but I doubt that the movie would confuse audiences with two jungle scenes on completely different planets. The international trailer showed Kylo holding his blade to the throat of a kneeling Rey, in the same environment, so one can only guess how she'll get out of this situation. Maybe he'll show her mercy, because that's what family's for. 

What did you think of this TV spot? Do you think Maz Kanata will survive? Tell me in the comments, and may the Force be with you all. 

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