Thursday, September 15, 2016

International 'Rogue One' Posters Revealed

The official Star Wars Twitter account has given us Rogue One's first two international posters. Although the posters feature some pretty obvious Photoshop and neither shows us anything particularly jaw-dropping, they're still elegant additions to the film's marketing campaign. 

The South Korean poster gives us the familiar Rebel team in an ominously lighted hallway, the exact same environment in which Jyn Erso stands in the iconic closing shot of the film's first teaser trailer. The only thing to notice here is Jyn's blaster, which looks different than the weaponry that we've seen her use before.
The Japanese poster is much more simple, borrowing from the official teaser poster released in July. Jyn poses with her pistol on the Scarif beach, with the Death Star emerging from the clouds in the background. If you needed one image to describe the premise of Rogue One, this would be it: you've got a rebellious-looking heroine and a huge, infamous superweapon behind her.
Another cool thing to see here? Unlike the typical action movie poster with the female lead presenting her chest and/or posterior towards the viewer, Jyn's almost completely covered up, as an incognito Rebel agent naturally would be. She doesn't look unattractive, but she's also not overly sexualized. 

Rogue One's theatrical poster probably won't be released until the third and final trailer in October (The Force Awakens did the same thing). What do you think of these posters? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all. 

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