Thursday, September 8, 2016

'Rogue One' Promo Art Showcases Darth Vader

Rogue One is now less than 100 days from release (98 days, to be precise) and the marketing campaign is starting to hit lightspeed. Pyramid International's merchandising catalog has provided several new pieces of promotional art, giving us a new look at the heroes and villains of the film – including Darth Vader.

First, the good guys. We've got the central heroes looking ready for battle (notice Chirrut's crossbow-like gun), plus "Space Monkey" Bistan and large-mouthed Pao. 
And now, the bad guys: Director Krennic strikes a pose while flanked by his Death Troopers. Imperial starships (including the new TIE Striker) fly above them, and Darth Vader looms in the corner, reminding us where the Empire's true power lies.
The gang's all here in this mash-up of the previous posters. Interesting that Vader is placed in the middle; it suggests that there's still conflict within him regarding his shift to the Dark Side of the Force. However, since we're expecting to see the cruel, Imperial officer-choking Darth Vader that we all know and love, chances are Vader's placement is just a coincidence.
This beautiful poster shows the Death Star, X-Wing silhouettes, and Jyn Erso's profile. Too bad this wasn't an official release; it would have made a great teaser poster for the film.
This piece gives us more Vader, along with some TIE fighters and a hint of the Scarif palm trees. The scratchy, retro style (seen in the Rogue One Celebration panel intro video) is meant to establish this as the gritty war film that it is.
These stormtroopers have some pretty sweet firepower backing them up. Although a LEGO set already strongly hinted at this, we now know for sure that the stormtroopers on Jedha will have a classic AT-ST transport at their side, along with the new tank that we saw in the trailers. 
But enough of those boring, basic stormtroopers. The badass Death Troopers continue to blast their way to the forefront of Rogue One's marketing campaign. Here we see them stalking the Scarif beach, while an AT-ACT and TIE Striker target an X-Wing behind them.  
This awesome recruitment poster features the three major stormtrooper classes of Rogue One, with the Empire's brand-new symbol of power behind them. (The Death Star and Imperial symbols ironically form Disney's Mickey Mouse logo.)
These sure look like the Death Star plans themselves – or at least, a piece of them – which drive the entire plot of Rogue One. If anyone has Jyn's email address...well, let's just say this would save her a whole lot of trouble. 
And finally, the standout artwork: Darth Vader (and his shiny red eyes) looking stern in front of yet another Death Star diagram. Curiously, this resembles the final moments of the Celebration-exclusive trailer, which showed Vader's upside-down silhouette on a similar red display. 
What do you think of this artwork? Which piece is your favorite? Tell me in the comments or twee to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all.

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  1. And this is one of the good news Ive heard upon the release of this Star Wars movie. I really do hope that Hayden will come back as Vader.