Friday, October 7, 2016

What to Expect in the Final 'Rogue One' Trailer

The second Rogue One trailer from August was exactly what the film needed. It was dense, exciting, and it offered us more than enough new footage to gawk at. But as expected, it turns out we'll be getting yet another look at the film. Star Wars News Net reported last week that Rogue One's third, final trailer will be attached to Doctor Strange, opening November 4th.
It was all but certain that we'd be getting a third trailer in the Fall; Lucasfilm never would have let those final four months pass without reminding audiences that there's a new Star Wars movie coming. The only doubt was when exactly the trailer would drop. Since Doctor Strange is first opening in the UK on October 25th, the trailer will probably arrive in the next few weeks. 

At this point in the marketing campaign, it's hard to imagine how any subsequent looks at the film could possibly have anything new and exciting to show us. But fear not: there's still more than enough never-before-seen Rogue One material to make the final trailer just as impressive as the first two. 


Believe it or not, there's still a pretty important part of the film that we've barely seen so far: the flashbacks scenes, in which Director Krennic and his Death Troopers arrive at the Erso homestead and burn it to the ground. Galen is captured, Lyra (Jyn's mother, whom Valene Kane recently confirmed she'll be playing) is most likely killed, and little Jyn is left all alone.
To incorporate this footage, the final trailer would be wise to take a page from the Celebration-exclusive trailer, which started with a shot of young Jyn running across a field, and then transitioned directly to adult Jyn running amidst explosions on the Scarif beach. Why not begin the final trailer with the beginnings of Jyn's story?

Vader (Again)

No, the excitement of the Darth Vader tease at the end of the second trailer can't possibly be duplicated. But they're definitely not going to let us forget that Vader's in the film. At the very least, we'll get another shot of him partway through the trailer, standing around like the intimidating leader he is. We could even get some menacing dialogue in James Earl Jones' iconic voice.
At the very most, we'll see him facing off with one or more of the Rebel heroes in the trailer's climactic shot. Admittedly, this is a pretty big stretch; there's been no indication that Vader will actually end up on the front lines in Rogue One, and even if he does, they might not want to spoil that for us. But there's no denying that it would be an awesome way to end a trailer. 

More Krennic

Despite being the film's primary villain, Director Krennic has had very few appearances throughout the trailers. While most of the other main characters had introductions and bits of dialogue in the second trailer, Krennic only received a single (lengthy) shot as he silently glared from the bridge of the Death Star. 
You can be sure that the final trailer will give Krennic some much-needed attention. We could see him barking orders to his subordinates, striding around with his signature white cape, or even getting his hands dirty on the battlefield. (Hopefully we'll also find out whether Ben Mendelsohn is keeping his Australian accent or not.)  

Jedha's Fate

A U-Wing narrowly evades a huge storm of rubble. Inside, Jyn frantically shouts something to Cassian, and he jumps to hyperspace. That was one of the eye-catching moments in the second trailer, simply because it teased a major plot point that we previously weren't aware of.
The popular theory (or at least, the theory that this blog is sticking to) is that this ocean of falling rubble is the result of a partially-powered Death Star laser hitting Jedha, obliterating part of the moon and causing the rest to fold in on itself. This would explain why Jedha isn't mentioned in the Original Trilogy and still allow Alderaan to technically be the Death Star's first complete victim. 
If this theory is true, we won't get any explicit confirmation until the film opens. But as the second trailer showed us, the scenes of Jedha's (possible) destruction are so thrilling and thought-provoking that the marketing team simply can't resist teasing them. We could see more shots of the rubble storm, Director Krennic yelling "Fire!", and even a (literally) explosive look at the Death Star's laser hitting the moon's surface. 

The Battle of Scarif

The image of a band of rebels charging across a beautiful beach towards a force of AT-ACT's and stormtroopers has become synonymous with Rogue One. It was the climactic moment of the first trailer, the focus of the teaser poster, and it promises to be the film's biggest battle.
The final trailer is meant to be the film's definitive piece of marketing, which means it needs to show more than just a few quick shots of the Scarif action. It needs to give us an intense, extended look at the beach battle, with lasers flying and sand spraying and starfighters soaring overhead. It needs to tell audiences what Rogue One really is: a gritty, realistic war film, in which the stormtroopers actually hit their targets and anyone could die. 
What are you hoping to see in the final trailer? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all. 

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