Thursday, November 24, 2016

Disney Holiday Celebration Offers More 'Rogue One' Footage

Disney's "Magical Holiday Celebration" on ABC tonight gave us an exclusive look at Rogue One, which pretty much just amounted to a lengthy TV spot. Nothing truly incredible was revealed, but we got some K-2SO moments and a new line of dialogue from Krennic, as well as a few other notable pieces of footage.
Here's a review of all the new footage in this ad:
  1. "I'll be there for you," K-2SO assures Jyn. She looks up. "The Captain said I had to," he quickly explains. "Charming," she replies. This is another demonstration of Kaytoo's devotion to "the Captain," better known as Cassian Andor. He's got attitude, but he's completely obedient to the man who reprogrammed him.
  2. "I will not fail," Krennic says. We can assume that he's talking to Darth Vader, who's a little skeptical of Krennic's work and is sent to check on his progress. This line echoes the classic Vader quote, "You have failed me for the last time," which he utters while Force-choking Admiral Ozzel. When the Rebels capture the Death Star plans and Krennic essentially fails, he'll probably receive the exact same fate as Ozzel.
  3. Kaytoo catches a grenade thrown by a stormtrooper. "Imperial forces are converging on our present location," he informs Jyn and Cassian as he casually hurls it at approaching troopers. The droid's lightning-fast reflexes and superior strength seem to make him an especially efficient warrior.
  4. Baze shoots an AT-ACT in the head with a rocket. The head starts to readjust and Baze looks worried until X-Wings suddenly destroy the walker. This might be the X-Wings' introduction into the ground portion of the Battle of Scarif after they breach the Shield Gate that protects the planet.
What do you think of this ad? What kind of K-2SO action are you hoping for? Tell me in the comments, and may the Force be with you all. 

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