Thursday, November 17, 2016

Featurette Reveals More New Footage

A new behind-the-scenes featurette for Rogue One was released today, delivering several noteworthy new pieces of footage, as well as the film's official MPAA rating. 
Here's a review of all the new footage in this featurette:

  1. Jyn hits a stormtrooper with a baton and then opens fire on a few others on a Jedha street. We've been getting glimpses of the Jedha action sequences since the very first trailer. It seems that this is where Jyn demonstrates her combat skills (to both the other characters and the audience) by singlehandedly taking out a group of stormtroopers like the badass she is.
  2. "Light the place up, and make ten men feel like a hundred," Cassian instructs his fellow Rebels. We don't know which battle they're preparing for in this scene, but the "light the place up" bit sounds like the shots of X-Wings and A-Wings bombarding the Imperial base on Eadu in the trailers.
  3. The major figures of the Rebel Alliance gather around a hologram projector. There's a lot of familiar faces to recognize here; classic Rebel leaders like Mon Mothma and General Dodonna, a couple of Mon Calamari (one of whom is named Admiral Raddus), and Jyn in the lower left corner. You might even be able to spot Bail Organa if you looked hard enough.
  4. A U-Wing violently crashes on the Scarif beach. Maybe this is supposed to explain why there are no U-Wings in the Original Trilogy: because they were all destroyed during the Battle of Scarif.
  5. "Anyone not willing to risk being left behind, now's your chance to speak up," Jyn says. This might be foreshadowing how at least one of our main heroes die: the Rebels escape with the Death Star plans and leave one of their own stranded on a planet full of stormtroopers and AT-ACT's.
  6. "That is a bad idea," K-2SO suggests. Jyn and Cassian shush him as they stealthily enter the Imperial facility on Scarif. We saw this shot in the final trailer, but now we can hear the dialogue paired with it. 
  7. Bistan blasts an AT-ACT in the leg from the comfort of a U-Wing. Turns out that rapid-fire gun is actually a lot more effective than it looks; it's armed with ion blasts specifically designed to cripple the Imperial walkers.
  8. The title card confirms the PG-13 rating for the first time. This is hardly a surprise, but it signals that Rogue One's final cut has been completed and reviewed by the MPAA. We're entering the final stretch now...
What do you think of this featurette? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all. 

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