Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Latest TV Spot Puts Jyn and Galen in the Spotlight

A few days ago, we got a Rogue One TV spot that focused on Jyn and Cassian's relationship. We now have another ad that puts the spotlight on Jyn's relationship with another important male character: Galen Erso, her father. Unlike the previous TV spots, this one largely ignores the film's exciting ground/space battles in favor of showcasing the film's emotional core. 
Instead of rousing one-liners about hope and rebellion, we just hear the characters discuss Galen's connection to the Death Star and Jyn's urgency to find him and "bring him back." And instead of shots of the Rebels fighting on/above Scarif, we see visuals of Jedha's destruction that are meant to demonstrate the superweapon's power and emphasize Galen's importance as its architect.

The final shot is some new footage of young Jyn tenderly embracing Galen, a stark contrast to the thrilling action that has ended most of the previous trailers and TV spots. It seems that Rogue One's marketing is unwilling to show us anything of Jyn and Galen's inevitable reunion in the film, but it's not shy about displaying Jyn's ultra-personal connection to the Death Star. That's right, we've got yet another Star Wars character with serious daddy issues here. 
Since we're starting to get TV spots focused on individual relationships in the film, we'll hopefully get an ad that highlights Chirrut and Baze's close friendship in the next few weeks. Where do you think will transpire between Jyn and Galen in the film? Tell me in the comments or twee to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all. 

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