Friday, November 11, 2016

New International Trailer and TV Spots Reveal More Battle Footage

It's become abundantly clear that Rogue One's marketing has no intentions of slowing down over the next month. Just yesterday, we got an amazing Japanese trailer, and today we have another international trailer (this time in Korean) and two new TV spots. 
Here's a review of all the new footage in this trailer:
  1. "They call it the Death Star. It's capable of destroying an entire planet. It could be the end of us all. There's a way to defeat it: you need to capture the plans," Jyn says during a Rebel conference. There's some handy exposition for you. After learning some key details about the Death Star, Jyn and Cassian have returned to the Yavin 4 base to share this news. It seems that she's not really planning on capturing the plans herself, but she's just accidentally volunteered for the mission.
  2. "You almost shot me!" Chirrut gripes after Baze shoots down several stormtroopers in front of him. "You're welcome," Baze replies as he hands Chirrut his bowcaster. This brief moment seems to perfectly represent their friendship and the differences in their personalities.
  3. The team's U-Wing soars through hyperspace. There's nothing especially significant about this shot (we've seen their ship jump to hyperspace before), but it's a nice little demonstration of some classic Star Wars effects.
  4. Bistan opens fire onto the Scarif beach from a U-Wing. This "Space Monkey" first got attention when he appeared in the Celebration Reel, but this is the first time we've seen him in a trailer. He mainly just serves as a U-Wing gunner.
  5. X-Wings destroy an AT-ACT on Scarif. So it looks like Baze and his rocket launcher won't have to do all the hard work to get through those walkers.
  6. Jyn whacks a Rebel soldier in the Imperial prison. Um, wasn't this the guy who unlocked her handcuffs in the final trailer? She must be more interested in her own escape than whatever mission these Rebels have planned for her. No wonder she's back in her shackles when they bring her to the Yavin 4 base.
  7. The Rebellion launches their attack on the Imperial installation above Scarif. Those recognizable cruisers in the background are part of the Alliance fleet that we first saw in Return of the Jedi. This tells us that the Rebels aren't just sending a few fighter squadrons; they're using every resource they have to win the Battle of Scarif.
  8. The X-Wings open fire on their target. This is our first good look at the large, round space station. (Not to be confused with that other large, round space station in Rogue One.) Its function remains unknown, but there definitely looks to be some kind of shield generator component.
The first TV spot also has a few cool new shots:

  1. Jyn lowers binoculars from her face on Jedha. This is part of a scene in which she, Cassian, and K-2SO scout out Jedha's principal city.
  2. "Welcome to Rogue One," she says aboard the U-Wing. Yep, they just said the name of the movie. Again
  3. Dozens of TIE fighters exit the Imperial space station. This is a very cool shot for a number of reasons. Mainly, it just shows us that the Empire isn't going to let those pesky Rebels land on Scarif without putting up a fight first. 
Finally, the second TV spot has some classic fast-paced Star Wars action, and another look at one of the most anticipated characters:

  1. An Imperial cargo shuttle takes off from the Yavin 4 base with the Rebel team onboard. These four-winged ships have been seen flying around Jedha and getting blown up on Scarif in previous trailers. This must be how the team sneaks into an Imperial base. 
  2. K-2SO picks up a stormtrooper and throws him into another trooper. "Security measures disabled," he announces. Finally, Kaytoo's getting some action. Prior to this TV spot, we mostly just got quick shots of him standing around while Jyn, Cassian, Chirrut, and Baze got their hands dirty. 
  3. Baze laughs while holding his rocket launcher on the Scarif beach. Hey, if you had a bazooka as big as that, you'd be pretty happy too. He's probably celebrating the destruction of an AT-ACT, either by his own rocket or an X-Wing.
What do you think of this trailer and TV spot? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all. 

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