Monday, November 28, 2016

Vader Looms Large in 'Breath' TV Spot

Rogue One advance tickets went on sale today in the US, and Lucasfilm commemorated the occasion with an awesome new TV spot for the film that's pure gold for any Darth Vader fan. The Sith Lord's iconic breathing is heard throughout the trailer, paired with a terrifying scream around the 0:18 mark and then his classic "Imperial March" theme. 
Here's a review of all the new footage in this TV spot:
  1. An Imperial officer looks out at the construction of the Death Star. Judging by the blurry back of this guy's head alone, it sure looks a lot like Grand Moff Tarkin. We've known since 1977 that he has close ties with the Death Star, and director Gareth Edwards even hinted at his relationship with Director Krennic, so his appearance is no surprise. 
  2. "Ready?" Jyn asks Cassian aboard a ship on the Scarif landing platform. Based on the officers and stormtroopers approaching the ship in the background, this scene must directly precede Jyn and Cassian putting on Imperial disguises in order to infiltrate this facility. 
  3. Pao screams an order on the Scarif beach. Edwards told EW that he specifically wanted a creature with a really big mouth in order to shout at his fellow Rebel soldiers during battle. According to Making Star Wars, he also has a personal battle cry of "Sa’Kalla!"
  4. Wind blows in Saw Gerrera's face. There's really no telling what he's doing in this scene, but this is one of the only shots we've seen of him in which he's not just standing around and passionately giving Jyn advice.
  5. Stormtroopers and AT-ACT's open fire as they walk through shallow water on Scarif. This is a pretty cool shot of the impressive Imperial forces that will try to prevent our heroes from leaving the planet with the Death Star plans. Though how do the AT-ACT drivers avoid stomping on the troopers below? (Possible answer: they just don't care.)
It's good that Rogue One has been giving us very few shots of Vader and hasn't been promising whatsoever an epic Vader action sequence that so many fans are clamoring for. But still, marketing like this is what's getting people so excited to see him in the film, and it's why they'll be so disappointed when his role actually isn't very large.

No, Vader isn't going to duel Jyn. He's not going to show up on the Scarif beach and effortlessly slice apart the Rebel heroes in the film's heartbreaking climax. Most likely, he'll show up during the Death Star's test run on Jedha to have a few words with Krennic, and then appear towards the end of the film to mercilessly punish Krennic for his failure. And maybe (depending on how they want to lead into A New Hope), he'll be pursuing the Tantive IV in the film's final scene.
This TV spot might be the best yet, but it's also the reason why some fans will be very upset after seeing the film. They'll say that the marketing tricked them, that Vader was totally wasted, that it's just like the Joker in Suicide Squad. And in a way, it's the marketing team's fault, but you can't blame them too much. If you had a character as iconic as Darth Vader, you'd want to advertise him as much as possible, too.

What did you think of this TV spot? Have you gotten tickets for Rogue One yet? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all.

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