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Top 10 'Rogue One' Quotes

Like any Star Wars movie, Rogue One has lots of memorable quotes, lines of dialogue that make you want to laugh, cry, and generally just put shivers down your spine. We're counting down the top 10 best quotes from the film:

10. "They call it the Death Star. There's no better name for it."

In his hologram message sent to Saw – and tearfully watched by Jyn – Galen names the Death Star for the first time in the film. This comes as no surprise to the audience, but it marks the first time that a Rebel hears the name of the sinister superweapon (with the exception of Saw, who must have watched it himself before showing it to Jyn). 
And Rogue One really does show us why it's called the Death Star. In A New Hope, we saw it destroy Alderaan, but we didn't know a single character who died or even what the planet looked like. In this movie, it has some serious victims; it kills Saw Gerrera on Jedha and later annihilates Jyn, Cassian, and Krennic on Scarif, as well as whatever's left of Kaytoo, Bodhi, Chirrut, and Baze.

9. "I've got a bad feeling abou-"

When Jyn, Cassian, and K-2SO enter the Imperial facility on Scarif, always-pessimistic Kaytoo starts to say "I've got a bad feeling about this," a classic Star Wars line that appears in every movie. However, Jyn and Cassian shush him before he can finish. It's a funny little bit for the audience, and it partially sets a precedent for how another regular Star Wars element will be used in the Anthology series. 
Ironically, this is the first time in the franchise that "I've got a bad feeling about this" has been said with such accuracy. Kaytoo's fears are fully justified because they all die. You laugh when you hear this in the film, but looking back on it, it's like he foresaw the moment when his robotic eyes would go dark for the last time. 

8. "It's not a problem if you don't look up."

When Saw asks Jyn whether she's okay with Imperial flags reigning across the galaxy, this is her tragic response. During the years in-between getting abandoned by Saw and getting recruited by the Rebels, Jyn just was just keeping her head down, not really caring about the Empire or feeling any need to stop their tyranny. 
This quote could also be interpreted as a reference to the Han Solo movie, intentional or not. It takes place during the earlier years of the Empire's reign, and we know that Han, Chewie, and Lando are similarly not "looking up," since none of them get roped into the Rebellion until the Original Trilogy.

7. "May the Force be with us."

Yes, we've heard this line many, many times throughout Star Wars, so its use in Rogue One doesn't exactly blow any minds. But this is the first time that this line (or its more popular variant, "May the Force be with you") has been said without the slightest whiff of a Jedi presence nearby. Instead, Jyn says this to the tough soldiers of the Rogue One crew as they prepare to leave the Yavin 4 base for Scarif.
Bail Organa and Mon Mothma know that there's a certain veteran Jedi living on Tatooine, but as far as Jyn is concerned, the Rebels are on their own. This quote establishes the Rebellion's belief in the Force, something that will only grow when Luke Skywalker joins.

6. "Your father would be proud."

Cassian's last words to Jyn, as they prepare for a blast wave from the Death Star to utterly obliterate them, are meant to assure her that this mission was worth the cost of their lives. 
Jyn's whole motivation for capturing the Death Star plans is to make sure that her father's secret plot to insert a fatal weakness in the battle station won't have been in vain. Thanks to her, the weapon that Galen has created now stands a chance of being destroyed. She's protected the legacy of her family, as well as the galaxy itself. 

5. "There are no Jedi anymore, only dreamers, like this fool."

After Chirrut takes out a squad of stormtroopers with only a staff, Jyn ask if he's a Jedi. This is Baze's response, a short yet extremely powerful quote that also establishes his skepticism of Chirrut's faith. 
We know that Baze is inherently wrong – there are still Jedi in hiding and even more will come in the future – but Rogue One does, for all intents and purposes, exist in a galaxy without them. Everyone in the Rebel Alliance is a "dreamer" like Chirrut, because they need to be. 

4. "Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, director."

Sith Lords make puns, too! Darth Vader strides away from Krennic after ending their meeting in his castle on Mustafar, but Krennic takes it one step too far by suggesting that Vader speak with the Emperor about keeping him in command of the Death Star. Krennic starts gasping for air and falls to the floor. Vader slowly turns around and utters this line, inflicting his signature Force choke on the director.
Many fans are perplexed by a cold-blooded killer like Vader making a joke, but you can't deny that this is his most iconic quote from the film as he demonstrates both a dark sense of humor and the Dark Side of the Force. (Though to be fair, Vader has few quotes to choose from; even his epic final scene in the film is devoid of any dialogue from him.) 

3. "I'm one with the Force, the Force is with me."

Chirrut's personal mantra is a memorable one. First, he chants this as he sacrifices himself to flip the master switch for Bodhi. Baze repeats it as he avenges Chirrut and gets shot down himself, paying respects to his best friend and finally accepting his faith at the same time. And then the audience members can't help but repeat it themselves as they exit the theater.
Chirrut was a truly great Star Wars character, perhaps more so than any of the others introduced in Rogue One. We probably won't see him again, so it's fitting that we'll always have this quote to remember him by. 

2. "Save the Rebellion! Save the dream!"

Saw Gerrera's last words are a passionate encouragement to Jyn he prepares for a wave of rubble to annihilate him. He's asking her to save a dream of freedom and hope, a dream that transcends time; for Saw, it started during the Clone Wars on his home planet of Onderon, but you can find it throughout all of Star Wars.
With this final cry, Saw is passing on the torch to Jyn, telling her to make sure that the Rebellion doesn't back down or surrender, that they continue to fight for what they hold most dear. Heroes like Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa end up working for the Alliance for a much longer time, but it's Jyn who steps in at a critical moment and truly saves the Rebellion from succumbing to its own fears. 

1. "We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope."

Cassian first tells this to Jyn early on in the film, and she repeats it later while proposing an attack on Scarif to the Rebel Alliance council. It's a direct reference to Rogue One's tagline, "A Rebellion built on hope," and it's a perfect representation of the film's key themes. 
This quote is applicable to the real world, too. All rebellions – whether they be in Star Wars or world history – are founded on the hope that they can succeed and restore freedom. One could argue that with these words, Jyn is creating – or at least, contributing to – the "new hope" that Episode IV is named after. 

Honorable Mentions

"Jyn, whatever I do, I do it to protect you." - Galen's promise to a young Jyn as he prepares to confront Krennic.

"Trust the Force." - Lyra, to a young Jyn, before she leaves her forever.

"The strongest stars have hearts of Kyber." - Chirrut.

"Are you kidding me? I'm blind!" - Chirrut, when Saw's men put a bag over his head before taking him to their hideout.

What's your favorite Rogue One quote? Tell me in the comments, and may the Force be with you all.

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