Friday, December 2, 2016

Trust Goes Both Ways in Second Clip

During today's Rogue One Q&A on Twitter, a second clip from the film was shown. While yesterday's clip gave us a glimpse of the action on Jedha, this one focuses on the trust issues between Jyn, Cassian, and K-2SO as they make their way to the holy city. 
Basically, Jyn "found" a blaster, and Cassian and Kaytoo aren't happy. She reminds them that she might need a gun in a "war zone" like Jedha, but Cassian still wants to confiscate it. Jyn responds with a stronger, simpler argument: "Trust goes both ways." Cassian wordlessly agrees and returns to the cockpit. A bewildered Kaytoo informs him that there's a "very high" probability that she'll use the blaster against him.

This clip highlights a plot detail that's been largely untouched since the first teaser trailer: Jyn is a dangerous outlaw, and it takes some time before the Rebellion trusts her. They don't even want her carrying the most basic of weapons, since for all they know, she'll betray and kill her teammates the second she gets the chance. 
Despite what this clip tells us, it seems that Cassian will end up confiscating her blaster later on, since yesterday's clip showed that Jyn is armed with only a baton on Jedha (not that it makes her any less dangerous, of course) and needs to take a stormtrooper's blaster. Ironically, she came very close to accidentally shooting Kaytoo in the same clip. (His last words would have been "I told you so...")

However, we know that the pistol seen in this clip will end up back in Jyn's hands at some point; other marketing for the film – in particular, the below shot of her hobbling towards a TIE fighter – have indicated that she uses it during the climactic Battle of Scarif. Perhaps the scene in which Cassian returns the blaster as a token of his trust will mark a new, significant turn in their relationship. 
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