Thursday, December 8, 2016

What the 'Rogue One' Tracklist Tells Us About the Film

Although Rogue One will be the first Star Wars film not to be scored by the legendary John Williams, it's still promising an epic soundtrack from Michael Giacchino, who has composed memorable scores like those for Up (for which he won an Oscar), Lost, and the most recent Star Trek films, among many others in the past 20 years. 
We won't get to hear Giacchino's Rogue One music until the film's theatrical release next Friday, but Star Wars News Net revealed the leaked tracklist today. Just like we did last year, we're going to take a look at each of the track titles and see what plot details we can infer from them.

  1. "He’s Here For Us" - We know that the film starts with Director Krennic's arrival at the Erso home on the planet Lah'mu. As the Catalyst novel detailed, Krennic has a history with the Erso family, so when he shows up at their doorstep, there's no doubt about his intentions. 
  2. "A Long Ride Ahead" - Uproxx and other news sources that got to see 28 minutes of Rogue One last weekend mentioned that when Saw Gerrera rescues young Jyn on Lah'mu, he says, "We have a long ride ahead of us." These words pertain both to Jyn's journey with Saw and the fact that this is only the beginning of a 133 minute long film. This line is followed by the Rogue One title card, so we can assume that this will be a particularly exciting and inspiring piece of music. 
  3. "Wobani Imperial Labor Camp" - These same sources mentioned that Jyn is in an Imperial labor camp on the planet Wobani when the Rebels find her, a plot detail that the final trailer already teased. This music will most likely accompany a few scenes of Jyn's experience in the labor camp, and the Rebels' subsequent attempt to bust in and break her out.
  4. "Trust Goes Both Ways" - The second clip from last week featured Jyn explicitly saying this line to Cassian and K-2SO, in the context of Cassian wanting to confiscate her blaster. This track must play during this scene and the minutes that come before it, as Jyn forms a reluctant alliance with the Rebellion.
  5. "When Has Become Now" - This grammatically-confusing title most likely comes from another important line of dialogue. Perhaps someone says something along the lines of "When the Death Star is a real threat, we'll do something about it," and another character (probably Jyn) replies "When has become now."
  6. "Jedha Arrival" - Pretty self-explanatory. Jyn, Cassian, and Kaytoo land on Jedha to find Saw.
  7. "Jedha City Ambush" - Much of the film's marketing has shown us an explosive scuffle on Jedha involving the Rebels, Saw's Partisan soldiers, stormtroopers, a hovertank, and an AT-ST. In this scene, the Partisans most likely ambush an Imperial patrol, leading to the stormtrooper attack that we saw in the first clip
  8. "Star-Dust" - This is probably the most intriguing track title on this list. It most likely relates to a particular quote, but in what context? Maybe something about Jedha's sacred importance to the Jedi and the Kyber crystals that lie beneath its surface? Or the Death Star laser that's about to turn them all into "star-dust" if they don't hightail it out of there?
  9. "Confrontation on Eadu" - This track could certainly be related to the Rebel bombing on Eadu that we've briefly seen in the marketing. But the word "confrontation" calls to mind a less violent scene on the planet: Krennic and Galen meeting each other in the rain. 
  10. "Krennic’s Aspirations" - This seems to be the closest we'll get to an official Director Krennic theme. His aspirations are to use the success of the Death Star to climb the Imperial hierarchy, so this scene must involve a meeting with other Imperial officers...including Darth Vader. 
  11. "Rebellions Are Built on Hope" - We've heard Jyn say this line many times throughout the trailers and TV spots. This music will be some kind of inspiring theme as Jyn gives a rallying speech to the Rebel leaders, partially glimpsed in the clip below:
  12. "Rogue One" - A new clip reveals the scene in which Jyn, Bodhi, Kaytoo, and (presumably) a few other friends hijack an Imperial cargo shuttle from the Yavin 4 base. They're asked for a call sign, and Bodhi spontaneously comes up with "Rogue One" before they take off. 
  13. "Cargo Shuttle SW-0608" - Sounds like the team will be having no shortage of trouble with this shuttle. When they attempt to land the ship on Scarif (which will involve passing through the planet's Shield Gate), they'll probably be asked for a call sign again, this time by the Imperial control tower. Since Bodhi's a former Imperial cargo pilot, he should be able to get them in unscathed. 
  14. "Scrambling the Rebel Fleet" - This is where details get hazy. The "Call Sign" clip tells us that their mission on Scarif is without the permission of the Rebel leaders; why would they take a huge gamble by sending their entire fleet to help these rogues? Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, and the other higher-ups must have a sudden change of heart.
  15. "AT-ACT Assault" - No subtleties to be found in this track title. The AT-ACT's are perfect symbols of the Empire's intimidating strength in comparison to the tiny, insignificant Rebellion foot soldiers, so we can expect this track to have some classic, loud Imperial themes. (More on that later...)
  16. "The Master Switch" - Oh boy! Whatever this track is about, it sounds exciting. There's obviously some important switch on the Imperial facility on Scarif. This could be related to the actual theft of the Death Star plans.
  17. "Your Father Would Be Proud" - Oof, this is sure to be a very emotional scene. The title itself – particularly the word "would," as if Galen isn't around to be proud of Jyn – seems to confirm that Galen dies, which we already predicted. Interestingly, the meaning of this line depends on its speaker; if a friend like Cassian is saying this, then it's a nice encouragement to Jyn, but if it's from Krennic, then it's a cruel jab at the death of her estranged father.
  18. "Hope" - This title doesn't give away any plot details, but it promises a truly uplifting track. Since the tracks after this just appear to be compilations of various themes, this track could very well be the one that closes off the film, before the end credits. That would make the title especially appropriate; it refers to both the key theme of Rogue One and the fact that it leads right into A New Hope.
  19. "Jyn Erso & Hope Suite" - This is where we'll get Jyn's personal theme, which Giacchino described as "a very emotional sweeping thing." She's the heart, the face, and the main character of Rogue One, so we can only assume that this will truly embody her personality and be one of the standout tracks from the film.
  20. "The Imperial Suite" - When asked in the same EW article whether he'd get his own take on the iconic "Imperial March," Giacchino replied, "Maaaaaaybe," which basically means "Yes, but I'm not supposed to say." We'd probably first hear this theme during Vader and Krennic's conversation in "Krennic's Aspirations," but it would definitely be heard in this track, too.
  21. "Guardians of the Whills Suite" - The Whills have a long, long history with Star Wars. They're an ancient order of Shamans strongly connected with the Force, and the giant structure we've seen on Jedha's holy city is called the Temple of the Whills. We can guess that this track will be Chirrut's unofficial theme.
What are you hoping to hear in the official Rogue One soundtrack? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all.


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