Sunday, May 7, 2017

Could a New Animated Series Finish 'The Clone Wars'?

It's no secret that Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans weren't happy about the show's premature cancellation, and four years later, there's still a strong demand for its revival. We know the basic details of the remaining episodes and some have been released as novels, comics, and even incomplete reels, but many of the most intriguing stories – especially "The Siege of Mandalore," the would-be series finale – still deserve to be released in some format.
Last month at Celebration Orlando, Dave Filoni confirmed that Star Wars Rebels will be concluding with Season 4, but this will hardly be Lucasfilm Animation's last project. Yesterday, a Reddit post suggested that Filoni's idea for a new project is exactly (or at least, very close) to what Clone Wars fans wanted: an eight-episode miniseries, 40 minutes each, focusing on Ahsoka Tano towards the end of the Clone Wars. This would naturally include some of the planned episodes that we never got to see.
Of course, there's little reason to believe that this post is actually from an inside source at Lucasfilm. Reddit obviously isn't the most trustworthy source in terms of information leaks. But at the very least, this is a fascinating rumor that we've never heard before, and it's worth entertaining the idea. 

Ahsoka is one of the most popular Star Wars characters, particularly among the younger generation of fans, and if anyone could carry a new series, it would be her. Rosario Dawson is even interested in playing Ahsoka in a live-action movie. The promise of finishing Clone Wars stories with an equal or greater animation budget (as the rumor indicates) would also attract Clone Wars fans who otherwise wouldn't be interested in a series focused on the feisty ex-Jedi.
Aside from "The Siege of Mandalore" (in which Ahsoka leads Captain Rex and other clone troopers to retake the planet from Maul), these episodes would most likely include Ahsoka's "walkabout" in the Coruscant underworld and her return to the Jedi as she investigates a Sith temple deep underneath the Jedi Temple, crossing paths with Darth Sidious himself. We've heard details and seen sketches of all three of these stories.
Yes, this rumor is probably too good to be true, but at least it's given fans something more realistic to campaign for. A miniseries led by its most beloved character is perhaps the most sensible way of finishing The Clone Wars, rather than a full-on revival or even (as some fans have proposed) a live-action "Siege of Mandalore" movie. 

What do you think of this rumor? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all. 


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