Thursday, July 27, 2017

Leaked 'Last Jedi' Images Reveal Snoke, Luke, and More

While we patiently wait until the next (and final) trailer arrives in a few months, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been keeping our interest with bits of new information and official images. Last week, "The Star Wars Show" revealed Kylo Ren's new starfighter (the TIE silencer) and introduced us to the adorable porgs of Ahch-To. San Diego Comic-Con also revealed new details about upcoming books leading to The Last Jedi, including this awesome image of Finn, Rey, and Rose:
Today, however, the big Last Jedi news is coming from a very unofficial source: a collection of leaked promo images. The full Imgur gallery has since been taken down, but the images have already been spread around enough that Lucasfilm has little chance of containing them. 

The most notable image gives us our best look yet at Supreme Leader Snoke. He doesn't look any better in person than he does in hologram, but his now-visible skin color and eyes make him appear oddly human. (Although it's doubtful that any normal human body could survive with three gaping holes in the throat.)
We also got four images of Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guards. Each of them have unique bladed weapons, though it's too much to hope that all of them will get to show off their particular skills in the film. Maybe they'll take Captain Phasma's spot as the First Order badasses with the cool armor who end up with very little screen-time.
Speaking of which, here's a nice shot of Phasma in action with her new spear. It looks like nothing more than a pointy metal stick, a surprisingly simple weapon when compared to the staffs of the Executioner stormtroopers (who will likely accompany her in at least a few scenes).
Luke is seen in two different heroic poses in his dark cloak/poncho. We get our first look at his walking stick with a special carved head. Apparently he'll also be using a new cattle prod-like staff on Ahch-To. 
Kylo Ren is showing off his new, Vader-esque cape. He's holding his helmet almost as if he's about to drop it, which makes sense since the teaser revealed that it won't be making it through the movie in one piece.
And lastly, more shots of Rey with her new costume and old lightsaber (or rather, a pre-VFX lightsaber prop), because we can never have enough of those. 
Which of these images is your favorite? What do you think of Snoke's appearance? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all.