Thursday, November 23, 2017

Chewie and Phasma Shine in Thanksgiving TV Spot

Lucasfilm aired a 15-second The Last Jedi TV spot today during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. While the previous spots have given attention to the most important characters – Rey, Finn, Poe, etc. – this one is dominated by two of the movie's most popular (and tallest) supporting characters: Chewbacca and Captain Phasma.
"So good to have you back," Phasma says as she brings up the rear of a squad of stormtroopers. This line could apply to any of the film's returning characters – in particular Luke, whose return to the Millennium Falcon kicks off the ad – but based on her own history and the position of her troopers' blasters (not to mention the design of the wall behind them), it seems like she's sarcastically greeting Finn as he's apprehended aboard the First Order Dreadnaught. 
It's a nice surprise to hear Gwendoline Christie's voice, since Phasma's dialogue has never made it into the marketing before. She's displaying a level of sass that the character never really demonstrated before, which will make her showdown with Finn – presumably after he escapes from her clutches – all the more entertaining.

What follows is the classic Rebel Alliance theme paired with familiar footage. The TV spot ends with a shot of the Falcon evading TIE fighters in Crait's crystal caverns once again, and then Chewie growling as he knocks over a squawking porg in the ship's cockpit.
Chewie's relationship with the porgs is as mysterious as it is adorable. We know that he'll bond with them and that the one next to him in the cockpit is his pet, but fans have also noticed a behind-the-scenes shot of the Wookiee with a feather hilariously sticking out of his mouth:
Are they his friends or his food? Will he install a tiny seat on the dashboard for his adopted porglet? And would there be anything cuter than Chewie naming his new pet Han? This TV spot brings us ever closer to the answers to those questions, and today, we should be eternally thankful for that.

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