Wednesday, November 1, 2017

First 'The Last Jedi' TV Spot Released

Star Wars: The Last Jedi's first official TV spot has arrived. Unlike the international trailer and other alternate cuts of the full trailer that we've seen in the past few weeks, this one has some significant new footage.
A review of all the notable new footage in this TV spot:
  1. A hooded Luke enters the Millennium Falcon's cockpit as it lights up. This is probably the biggest moment in this TV spot. We knew the Falcon was parked on Ahch-To and that Luke would naturally come in contact with it, but we're seeing him start to embrace his old life and old friends. Maybe he's ready to pilot the Falcon again and return to his sister...
  2. "Darkness rises, and light to meet it," Snoke says. He sits in his throne room. We've seen glimpses of this chamber before, but this is our first official look at the red room where Snoke seems to spend most of his time. He's got a big throne for himself, eight Praetorian Guards, and General Hux can be seen on the right side of the frame.
  3. The Falcon flies into action on Crait and blasts a TIE fighter. This is our first real confirmation that the Falcon will be involved in this battle. Crait seems to be the Resistance's final stand against the First Order, so the Ahch-To gang (Rey, Chewie, Artoo, and probably Luke) must swoop in to help save the day.
  4. Finn cheers from the cockpit of a ski speeder. This is a little reminiscent of his cheer when Poe swooped in to save him on Takodana. Once again, he must be able to tell that an old friend – this time, Rey – has come to the rescue, despite not seeing their face.
  5. Leia stands in the busy bridge of her Resistance cruiser. The dramatic look that she gives, coupled with the frantic gestures of the officers behind her, suggests that this is when she first senses the presence of her son who's attacking their ship, leading to their emotional standoff that we saw in the trailer.
  6. The Falcon bursts from the ground on Crait. So now we know that those shots of the Falcon chased by TIE fighters through crystal caverns definitely were below the surface of Crait, not on a different planet (as some had speculated).
  7. "This is not going to go the way you think," Luke tells Rey in the rain on Ahch-To, and she raises her lightsaber in response. This dialogue is nothing new, but Rey's reaction suggests that she's not exactly ready to heed his words. But hey, at least she seems to be learning real lightsaber stances...
What did you think of this TV spot? Do you think Luke will pilot the Falcon? Tell me in the comments, and may the Force be with you all.

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  1. Finally... it's out now! to all of the fans who've been waiting like crazy for this, they all know it's a really big moment now! let us now raise our glasses for the future.... May the force be with you *clang of glasses*