Wednesday, March 7, 2018

'The Last Jedi' Deleted Scene is the Phasma Death We Deserved

It's still three weeks until The Last Jedi comes out on Blu-Ray on March 28, but "The Star Wars Show" today revealed one of its most anticipated deleted scenes: an alternate death for Captain Phasma. 
The clip seems to begin right after Finn wallops his former captain in the helmet with his riot baton. But rather than falling into the wreckage below, Phasma climbs back onto the platform, as do several of her troops. They train their blasters on Finn and she gets a few more verbal jabs in: "Disobedient, disrespectful, traitor!"

Finn then points out that when he threatened Phasma with a gun to her head back in Starkiller Base, she "squealed like a whoop hog" and lowered the shields. For all the loyalty she preaches, she's something of a traitor herself. There's a hint of fear in her exposed eye as she realizes her own men are taking Finn's words to heart. 
Before the troopers can make any decision, Phasma whips out her pistol and guns them all down. Finn charges towards her and slices off her hand with his baton before she knocks him down into the pile of rubble. We then get the original "You were always scum"/"Rebel scum" exchange between them, before she raises her staff to finish him and he blasts her in the chest with a repeating blaster, sending her flying backwards.

A big complaint about The Last Jedi and the Sequel Trilogy in general is how they've completely wasted Phasma as a character, giving her nothing to do in The Force Awakens and then hyping up her battle with Finn in Jedi but only giving them a quick fight scene before seemingly killing her off. 

This scene doesn't fix how the trilogy has treated Phasma overall, but it does give her a hint of actual character depth as it addresses her traitorous actions at Starkiller. Shooting her own troops is also a shockingly ruthless move on her part, lining up perfectly with the Captain Phasma comic miniseries (in which she kills multiple First Order personnel to keep the secret of her betrayal). And getting her hand cut off but still recovering fast enough to parry Finn's next swing is a pretty badass move, too.
Not only was the theatrical version of Phasma's death much shorter, but it also made her fate more ambiguous, with her body falling into flames instead of getting blasted in the chest. This means the filmmakers still may be interested in bringing her back in Episode IX, if only because Gwendoline Christie is such a lovable presence on and off the screen and at least a few fans are still holding out hope for her redemption as a serious villain.

What did you think of this scene? Do you hope Phasma returns in Episode IX? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all.

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