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'The Last Jedi' Deleted Scenes Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out on Digital HD today. We're reviewing each of its 13 deleted scenes (excluding the alternate Phasma death scene that was revealed last week) and looking at what they would have added to the film.

"Alternate Opening"

Rather than the opening zoom through the Resistance fleet down to the D'Qar base, this scene starts the movie with an Alderaan blockade runner (the same model as the iconic Tantive IV) and a Nebulon-B escort frigate soaring over a round surface. But it's not a planet, it's Finn's domed medical capsule.
Finn's original revival scene then plays out, except this time he's watching Resistance transports evacuate to D'Qar. The First Order's Dreadnought and Star Destroyers arrive, and Lieutenant Connix tells Poe Dameron that they need more time to evacuate the base.

What this scene would have added: A neat visual trick to open the movie, an earlier appearance for Finn in the story, and some context as to why Poe confronts the Dreadnought alone in his X-Wing.

"Paige's Gun Jams"

During the battle with the Dreadnought, Paige Tico confidently blasts apart TIE fighters from her gunner's position. Her gun jams as two TIEs approach her bomber; she manages to fix it just in time and she blows them apart. Relieved, she pulls off her mask and clutches her crescent necklace.
What this scene would have added: Another badass Paige moment and a little more insight into her relationship with Rose.

"Luke Has a Moment"

After Rey explains why she and Chewie have come to Ahch-To, Luke retreats back into his hut and bows his head in sorrow. We then cut to the original footage of Leia in a similar pose on the Raddus, before the cruiser exits hyperspace.
What this scene would have added: A very brief emotional moment for Luke and another connection between the Skywalker twins as they presumably reflect on the death of Han Solo. 

"Poe: Not Much of a Sewer"

Poe explains to Finn that by attacking Starkiller Base, they exposed themselves to the First Order. Finn tells him that he believes in the Resistance but he's not committed to their army yet. Poe says he belongs with the Resistance and he gives him his jacket back, having sewed up the part that was cut open by Kylo.
What this scene would have added: A better explanation of how the Resistance wound up in this predicament and a nice Finn/Poe moment that would have explained how he got his jacket back.

"It's Kind of Weird That You Recorded That"

Finn examines Leia's homing beacon that's meant to lead Rey back to them. BB-8 rolls up and shows Finn a hologram of Rey's last words (and forehead kiss) to him when he was in a coma. Finn tells the droid it was kind of weird that he recorded that, but thanks him anyway.
What this scene would have added: Some context into Finn's decision to leave the Raddus on an escape pod.

"The Caretaker Sizes Up Rey"

After Rey fires her blaster in the Ahch-To village, a cranky Caretaker scolds Luke and he responds in their language. She continues cleaning her fish and gives Rey a dirty look as she follows Luke to their first lesson.
What this scene would have added: Just another funny, memeable moment with the Caretakers.

"Caretaker Village Sequence"

After Rey assures Luke that she won't fail him, she spots the Caretakers' burning village from afar. Luke tells her that a tribe from a neighboring island has come to raid and plunder them. Rey wants to go and stop them, but Luke tells her that a true Jedi would ignore that anger inside of them and do nothing. Following her own instincts, she hops down the cliff and ignites her lightsaber as she races to the village.
She bursts in but discovers that it's really just a party with the Caretakers and even Chewbacca and R2-D2. Later she confronts Luke, who laughs at her but insists that the Resistance needs someone like her, who tries to help those in danger, not the failed Jedi Order. Her response is chilling: "That old legend of Luke Skywalker that you hate so much, I believed in it. I was wrong."

What this scene would have added: A solid heroic Rey sequence (which the film could have used more of), a lot more insight into the Caretaker's culture, and another emotional moment with her and Luke (albeit one that makes him look like a jerk).

"Extended Fathier Chase"

This scene is just the original fathier chase except with a few new shots, including Finn and Rose crashing into a sauna, escaping to the beach through a tight alleyway, and a short sequence on the cliff next to the beach.
What this scene would have added: Another minute or so of everyone's least favorite part of the movie. 

"Mega Destroyer Incursion – Extended Version"

Kylo stands in the bridge of the Supremacy. Down below, Finn fixes DJ's posture and tries to smooth Rose's hair before they enter a large room crawling with First Order personnel. They pass through and an officer takes interest in them, but Finn manages to close the doors to the elevator on the other side before he can reach them.
A squad of stormtroopers then enters the elevator. A trooper with a Western accent recognizes Finn. There's a tense moment as Finn pleads with the trooper to not expose him while Rose readies her blaster, but instead he just congratulates Finn on being promoted to officer, even slapping him on the butt.

What this scene would have added: Another Vader-esque Kylo shot and a silly Tom Hardy cameo.

"Rose Bites the Hand That Taunts Her"

Captured in the Supremacy hangar, Rose accidentally drops her crescent pendant. General Hux picks it up and recognizes it as hailing from the Otomok system, where Rose's homeworld suffered from the First Order. He puts it back around her neck and assures her that the First Order will always win, and in response she bites his finger. He tells Phasma to execute them both and storms off.
What this scene would have added: A fiery moment of rebellion for Rose.

"Finn and Rose Go to Where They Belong"

After escaping the Supremacy in a shuttle, Rose asks Finn where they're going, and he says, "Where we belong." They direct the ship to Crait.
What this scene would have added: A small character moment for Finn that confirms he now aligns with the Resistance and understands his place is with them.

"Rey & Chewie in the Falcon"

Having disposed of the TIE fighters, Rey and Chewie return to the Crait battlefield, where the walkers are currently blowing apart Luke (or at least, his Force projection). "Let's go around back," she tells Chewie, and they turn the Falcon around.
What this scene would have added: A slightly funny moment that helps to explain where Rey and Chewie are during Luke's confrontation with Kylo.

"The Creatures and Costumes of Canto Bight"

This isn't a deleted scene so much as it is a collection of shots of the amazing inhabitants of the Canto Bight casino. It mostly just gives some more appreciation for the hundreds of unique, incredible costumes that the costume department worked on, only for fans to declare that they hated that part of the movie. (Oh, the joys of being a filmmaker.)
Which deleted scene is your favorite? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all.

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