Sunday, April 29, 2018

First 'Solo' Featurette Explores Han

Solo: A Star Wars Story released its first featurette today, focused on Han himself and his relationships with the other characters. 
A breakdown of all the new and interesting footage in this featurette:
  • A few new shots of Han zooming around on Corellia. This one shows two Star Destroyer shield generators (the domed structures above the command bridge), meaning we're getting a close look at the Imperial shipyards. 
  • Han puts his golden dice up on his speeder. Some of the promotional material has shown Qi'ra with those dice, hinting that they originally come from her. Though that would take the weight away from Luke handing them to Leia in The Last Jedi, since they would be a symbol of her husband's ex-girlfriend and first love who (most likely) betrayed him. 
  • Several shots of Han in a mudtrooper uniform during a dark, muddy battle on Mimban. This sequence is probably early on in the film, and it's probably where he first meets Beckett and leaves the Empire.
  • Han is brought in front of a big slug that rises from a pool of water. We know the tall guy behind him with the white-ish face is Moloch, a member of the White Worms gang, so this is probably their lair. 
  • Chewbacca growls at Han. "You're gonna need a nickname, cause I ain't saying that every time," he replies. So is Han just too lazy to sound out all three syllables in the name of his best friend? Or is Chewbacca a nickname of an even longer Wookiee name, and Chewie is just an even shorter version of that? 
  • "I like this kid," Lando says when Han asks if he won the Falcon playing cards. Um, does Lando know Han is like, only a year younger than him? 
  • Han tells Beckett and Val that he's a great pilot. We know those two professional scoundrels are in Imperial disguises on Mimban for their own agenda, so he must be trying to join their team. Val's utter disinterest in Han's charm and swagger is, and always will be, a mood. 
  • "I'm a terrible person," Han tells Qi'ra. This seems to be in response to what she tells him in the exact same location: "I might be the only person who knows what you really are." It almost sounds like the key to his Bonnie and Clyde romance with Qi'ra is that they both know they're terrible people, and they're just okay with that.
What did you think of this featurette? What are you most looking forward to in this movie? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the Force be with you all.

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