Friday, May 4, 2018

'Forces of Destiny' Season 2 Part 2 Review

In honor of Star Wars Day, Forces of Destiny has released seven new shorts. We're reviewing each of them:

"Monster Misunderstanding"
Padmé finally has a short of her own! We finally get to see her take charge of a situation and solve a problem on her own, without the help of Ahsoka or Anakin. The Naboo setting of this episode is also pretty neat, though as usual, Forces of Destiny goes out of its away to humanize the big, scary monster instead of just letting it be a big, scary monster for Padmé to defeat. 

"A Disarming Lesson"
Rebels-era Ahsoka is in Forces of Destiny! And she's...kinda mean. Like, she actually sounds like a Sith at a few points. But still, this is a cool short that further develops her relationship with Ezra—one that may have a key role in the future of Star Wars.

"Perilous Pursuit"
This short adapts one of The Force Awakens' deleted scenes. It's another fun Rey/Finn adventure that lets them figure out something we've known since their first flight on the Falcon: Rey is better at flying, and Finn is better at shooting. Episode IX has a lot of ground to cover, but let's hope it gives us another teamup chase sequence with these two.

"Traps and Tribulations"
Forget Ahsoka and Ezra, forget Rey and Finn, we're now dealing with the most important Star Wars duo: the Skywalker twins. The monster they're facing is more than a little bizarre and cheesy, but both of them get their own cool moments in this short, with the highlight being Luke tossing Leia his lightsaber (mirroring a Reylo moment from The Last Jedi). No surprise, Leia's a natural with it.

This short expands another relationship that's fundamental to Star Wars: Chewie and the porgs. If you ever wondered what he was doing during Rey's lessons on Ahch-To, it turns out he was befriending the pesky birds and gathering some blue moss for their nest. Spoiler alert: it's really, really cute.

"Art History" 
If you ever thought Forces of Destiny could use more Mandalore, here you go. The action in this short leaves something to be desired, but its themes are perfectly in line with what Sabine has been teaching us for years: beyond Mandalore's violence and war lies a rich culture and community based on mutual respect and honor. 

"Chopper and Friends"
The title sounds like this is another cute short with little substance, but it actually has some pretty fun action as the Ewoks struggle to man the Ghost's gunner positions. Taking a classic Star Wars creature and putting it in a new and amusing situation is just another example of how Forces of Destiny can tell fresh, entertaining stories.

With this batch of episodes, Forces of Destiny has (mostly) moved past the repetition and dullness that plagued its previous shorts. There's still some room to grow, but if they want to keep on churning out a handful of episodes every couple of months and dropping them on YouTube with little warning, they should go right ahead.

What did you think of these shorts? Where do you hope Forces of Destiny goes next? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @SithObserver, and may the fourth be with you all.

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