Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Four 'Solo' Clips Released

Solo's premiere is tomorrow (with social media reactions available at 12:30 AM EST on Friday and full reviews at 5 PM on May 15) and the press tour has kicked into high gear. A total of four clips were released today on different platforms.

First, Woody Harrelson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and debuted a clip of Tobias Beckett and Thandie Newton's Val meeting Han Solo...and they're not exactly happy to make his acquaintance.

This clip does a great job of showing how Alden Ehrenreich has captured Han's charm and confidence. It's also a showcase for Val, who's had a frustratingly limited presence in the marketing so far (despite Newton's ongoing starring role in Westworld and the fact that she's the first major visible black woman in a Star Wars movie). The databank teased she is not someone to mess with, and this clip confirms that homicide is second nature to her.

Val mentions a pilot and when they turn around to face Han, in the upper left corner you can spot the same E-shaped ship we've seen Han flying during the Conveyex train heist on Vandor. It seems like their mission is to hijack this ship because it's crucial to stealing the Conveyex's cargo, whatever that may be. 

The Star Wars YouTube channel dropped two clips, the first one being Han and Lando's first encounter at the sabacc table. We've seen quite a bit of this already, but one new bit is Han acknowledging that Lando pronounces his name wrong—a questions fans have been having for decades.
The second one is a clip of Beckett and Chewie playing holochess. There's a funny bit with Chewie getting angry at the board, but the interesting part comes in Beckett's advice to him and Han: "All you gotta do is think a few moves ahead, anticipate your opponent. There's a lesson to be learned here." It definitely seems like this lesson will come in use later in the movie. Maybe Han will end up thwarting Beckett's attempt to betray him and spitting these words back in his face...

The fourth clip is one of the most intriguing ones, revealed by Breakfast Television Toronto. In Dryden Vos' bustling lair, he introduces himself to Han and describes Qi'ra as his "top lieutenant." We knew she was involved with him somehow, but this confirms that she's his right hand woman—a job title that apparently involves lots of flirty touching.
Obviously there's a good chance that Qi'ra will turn on him at some point. We've already seen glimpses of Vos attacking Han with vibroblade brass knuckles and a TV spot on Monday revealed Qi'ra brandishing a sword in the same room, so it looks like some kind of small action sequence will occur here.

What do you think of these clips? What do you think will happen on Mimban? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @sithobserver, and may the Force be with you all.

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