Thursday, May 10, 2018

Qi'ra and Vos Part Ways in 'Lieutenant' TV Spot

The Solo content just won't stop coming. Following the slew of clips released over the past two days and ahead of tonight's premiere, they've dropped another TV spot—and it might be the best one yet. 
There's a lot of cool new footage here (maybe they had been saving it for later in the marketing campaign?) and we're breaking it all down:
  • Dryden Vos introduces Qi'ra as his "top lieutenant"...and then we see her sliding to the floor in a supermodel pose as she blocks his vibro-weapon with some kind of forked sword. This could be a friendly training session, but there's broken glass on the ground and we know Vos attacks Han with the same weapon, so it looks like she's jumped in to save her man and betray Vos.
  • "Alright people, do not improvise," Beckett says. "What's the plan?" Val asks in a trench on Mimban. It sure took a while but they're finally putting her in the TV spots and treating her like a real character. It looks like her and Beckett's heist (which Han has joined) has been disrupted by some kind of firefight.
  • Val whips out a blaster pistol and opens fire while holding on to the Conveyex's rail structure. An unofficial clip from yesterday showed her planting charges on the rail and then warning Beckett of the Cloud-Riders' arrival, so she must be shooting at them. Unfortunately, we've seen no footage of her later in the movie (during the battle on Kessel or the Kessel Run itself), so she may not survive this...
  • Han, Lando, and Beckett fight together on Kessel. Lando's pose really makes them look like a boy band. Beckett's armor and cape must be part of his disguise; we've already seen evidence that their caper involves Qi'ra dressing in her own cape and Han and Chewie in chains with Lando posing as their captor with his Return of the Jedi Jabba's Palace armor on.
  • "When have I ever steered you wrong?" Han asks Qi'ra. Chewie growls disapprovingly, but Han tells her not to listen to him. What's really interesting is that even though we're all assuming a romantic attraction between them, there's very little hard proof they're linked in that way. This supports a crazy theory that Qi'ra is actually his sister.
What did you think of this TV spot? What would be the name of the Kessel Run's (the canonical name of Han, Lando, and Beckett's boy band) first single? Tell me in the comments or tweet to @sithobserver, and may the Force be with you all.

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